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starfield two astronauts looking over planet surface for important resources

starfield two astronauts looking over planet surface for important resources

The Settled Systems are brimming with organic and inorganic resources. And given how much importance is given to crafting and building in Starfield, you want to stock up on these resources at every opportunity. So, if you’re looking to maximise your building capabilities, constantly making new mods and structures or just completing research projects, you need to know these most important resources in Starfield.

Whether you’re harvesting the resources in your Outpost, hunting for them in the wilderness, or purchasing them from different vendors, they cost time and effort. So, knowing the most important resources is essential to maximizing your crafting abilities in the game. Hence, check out the seven must-have resources in Starfield below.


It would be best to have plenty of ammo to keep all your cool guns functioning in Starfield. And for ammo rounds and magazine recipes, you will need Lead. It’s an essential resource for all the worst and best weapons. Being a Tier 1 crafting resource, you can explore the Sol system and mine Lead on planets like Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Starfield Lead
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Aside from Copper, another essential resource for your weaponry is the Uncommon Tier 1 resource, Tungsten. You require it for weapon mods like Armor-Piercing Rounds, Large Magazines, and Suppressors. It also finds its uses in research projects like Horticulture. Alpha Centauri and Sol system are excellent places to harvest Tungston, especially on planets like Titan and Voss.

Starfield Tungsten
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Like in real life, Copper is needed for various projects in Starfield. You require Copper for weapon mods like Slug Shot, armor mods, and even for Outpost structures like a Cooking Station. Since it’s a Tier 1 item, you can find it in many systems like Cheyenne, Sol, Shoza, and Groombridge. Visit just about any level 1 planet, and you’ll see Copper ready to be mined there.

Starfield Copper
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It may not seem like a helpful resource by its name, but Adhesive has tons of uses in Starfield. Whether it's building weapons mods, shielding mods, and raw material for Outpost development, Adhesive is used everywhere. The easiest way to acquire Adhesive is to purchase it from a vendor like Jemison Mercantile or harvest it yourself by scanning the relevant Flora on a planet.

Starfield Adhesive
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Whether it comes to building weapon mods, completing projects like Stock, Robots, and Muzzle Mods, and building Outpost structures like Spacesuit Workbench, Titanium is an essential resource. However, since it’s a Tier 2 item, you might run short of it often. In that case, Helio, Procyon II, Pluto, and Titan are among the few planets where Titanium is found aplenty.

Starfield Titanium
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A commonly found and commonly used resource in Starfield, Iron is needed in building several Outpost structures. So, without Iron, you can’t make an Industrial Workbench, Cooking station, Weapon Workbench, or even a Pharmaceutical Lab. It would be best if you also were stocked-up on this resource for various weapon mods and research projects. If you want to mine iron quickly, we recommend checking out any Level 1 system like Sol and Narion systems.

Starfield Iron
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Aluminium takes the cake when it comes to being the most critical resource in the Settled Systems. You will need Aluminum for several research projects, crafting mods for your gear, and building your Outpost structures. Luckily, Aluminum is abundant throughout the galaxy as most of the planets you explore and vendors you visit, like Mining League, have plenty of this resource.

Starfield Aluminium
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That concludes our list of the most essential resources in Starfield for your outposts, weapons and spacesuits. While you're here, learn how to set up an automatic production facility and the best spacesuits.

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