Starfield Fails to Reach 6K Players



For its critics, Starfield is a story of a “fall from grace.” It opened to phenomenal numbers - 1 million players on early access and 6 million when the game was officially launched on September 6.

It even broke records by hitting more than 330,000 players on Steam just a few days after launch!

Of course, we know what happened in the following three months - the number of players popping Starfield into their consoles or PCs has dwindled. It’s also a steady journey downhill, based on data from Steam DB.

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Credit: Steam DB

As you can see, Starfield saw roughly 26k players by December 3, 2024. As of yesterday, February 11, at 6 AM Eastern time, there were only 5,960 playing the game, down from the 11,514 players on Saturday, February 10.

Starfield also saw a significant dip in its review score on Steam, from Mixed to Mostly Negative. However, the score returned to Mixed last month following the release of two updates.

Paul Tassi of Forbes theorized that this could either be the result of long-term players on Steam finally deciding to leave a review on the platform or people who have been affected by the influencer reviews on sites like YouTube.

Tassi also theorized earlier that Starfield may be able to make a comeback if Bethesda introduces many crucial changes through patches or when the Shattered Space DLC is released.

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Credit: Bethesda

For now, Bethesda is busy with introducing periodic patches that come out every six weeks. The second patch is currently on Steam Beta and is expected to bring about FSR3 support. This technology will allow older GPUs to run Starfield at 60 FPS or higher.

As for the Shattered Space DLC, Bethesda has not released any further information on the additional content. Some players, however, theorize that the DLC may have something to do with the House of Va’Ruun and an internal conflict in their home planet.

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