Starfield Dips Into "Mostly Negative" Territory

todd howard

todd howard

It’s not looking to be a great holiday for Starfield, Bethesda’s newest intellectual property in 25 years. The game had a phenomenal launch on September 6 this year, but it has since seen plummeting Steam scores and decreasing player count.

While it has maintained a “Mixed” rating on Steam since launch, Starfield is now seeing red just as the holidays set in. That’s because the game’s scores on Steam had just seen another dip, and the open-world RPG is now in “Negative” territory.

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Redditors quickly stepped in with their comments on the issue, with one comment pinning the resurgence of Cyberpunk 2077 as a major factor in the decline of Starfield’s Steam scores.

Starfield has been the subject of complaints in the past months, with many players bemoaning the supposed “boredom” and emptiness of many planets in its vast galaxy.

Todd Howard quickly pointed out that, although many of its celestial bodies were intended to be barren, they were designed so players could appreciate the scale and vastness of space.

What Bethesda will do to manage the reputation of its newest open-world RPG, which Howard said is designed to be played “for a long time,” remains to be seen. The studio has announced a series of updates every six weeks beginning in February to improve the game.

Forbes entertainment correspondent Paul Tassi pointed to consistent updates and the release of its future DLC, Shattered Space, as instrumental to the game’s bouncing back in the face of its rapidly declining reputation among the playing community.

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