Starfield Surpasses Records Even in Early Access

phil spencer starfield backdrop

phil spencer starfield backdrop

The premise behind Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration game, Starfield, was to conquer the barriers and find resources in worlds beyond our own. In real life, the game has set its own records even during early access between September 1 and September 5.

In his latest post on X, formerly Twitter, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said that Starfield had already broken the 1-million barrier in concurrent players as of today, September 7.

This development is not a surprise, given that Starfield had seen more than 245,000 concurrent players in just a few hours after early access became available on September 1. The game peaked on September 3, after which the number of concurrent players started to fall but continued to rise to 1 million.

On the other hand, PlayTracker said that it has analyzed data in both Xbox and Steam and estimated that Starfield had already reached 1 million players as early as September 5. The data aggregator said that this only represents Premium Edition sales, as the game only launched on Wednesday, September 6.

the Xbox Official X account announced that they will produce custom Starfield mission patches for their players, most likely to celebrate the game’s successful launch. The account posted a photo of a sample patch and asked users to send them their gamer tags so they could create a personalized patch for them.

The X account did not mention any prices, so this is most likely a free offering as well. This is an excellent opportunity to grab your own Starfield memento!

Now is a good time if you haven’t gotten your hands on Starfield yet! The game is now available worldwide. There’s plenty of great stuff for you to look forward to. Take a look at this video of the game’s realistic physics involving 20,000 potatoes.

Check back often for more news and guides covering Bethesda’s most excellent open-world RPG yet, Starfield.

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