Palworld Breaks Records and Overtakes Starfield on Steam

palworld starfield

palworld starfield

We’ve all been impressed and skeptical when Bethesda announced that Starfield had 1 million players during early access, which became 6 million once the game was officially launched on September 6.

Another game has broken that milestone again and seems poised to overtake Starfield.

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Credit: Steam/Pocketpair

The game we’re talking about is Palworld, which describes itself in its official X account as “a brand new multiplayer monster-collecting game with open-world survival elements.” This new open-world game covers a vast region with tons of monsters for players to collect.

After three years of development, Pocketpair launched Palworld on January 19 on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. The game immediately saw a surge in purchases, bringing the game to 1 million players in just 8 hours after launch, as announced in X.

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Credit: SteamDB

By 11 AM EST on January 19, Steam charts show that Palworld had surpassed Starfield’s all-time peak in player count on Steam. Starfield’s all-time peak was 330,723, achieved a few days after launch.

On the other hand, Palworld has just reached 347,499 players as of 11 AM EST on January 19. The surge was so high that the game’s servers have been reported to be unstable, but Pocketpair says that it is on top of the situation and is currently working on fixes.

Five hours after release, users reported a bug that made the game “dark and unplayable.” Pocketpair claimed to have applied a hotfix to the issue almost immediately after it was reported.

As for Starfield hit 6 million users right after launch and took barely three weeks to reach an additional 4 million players for a total of 10 million. They announced the milestone just in time for Imagine Dragons to launch their music video for “Children of the Sky.”

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