Starfield Not Down For the Count, Forbes Writer Says



There’s no bigger defender of Starfield in mainstream media than Forbes senior contributor Paul Tassi. Unsurprisingly, Paul would once again jump to Starfield’s side on plummeting player count, particularly on Steam.

In his most recent article, Tassi addressed GamingBolt’s post on X, claiming that Starfield is in hot water due to its progressively decreasing player population.

True to form, the Forbes columnist argued that Starfield is doing quite well when everything outside the Steam data is considered.

He highlighted Starfield’s No. 10 rank on Xbox’s most-played games, stating that Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG has overtaken GTA Online, Overwatch, and Rocket League.

Tassi acknowledged the Steam data but pointed out that Starfield is also on Game Pass, in which a significant number of players that Steam cannot count.

The Forbes writer also brushed aside Red Dead Redemption 2’s soaring numbers that had overtaken Starfield. He said this is only due to a Black Friday weekend discount, which would drive higher player numbers.

While Tassi admitted that he had stopped playing Starfield for the past two months, it’s only because he had run out of things to do with the game as it is now.

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However, he also pointed out that Bethesda has yet to release more updates, the Shattered Space DLC, and the official mod support that’s due to come out next year.

Starfield had also been overtaken by its predecessor, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Battlefield 2042. Like RDR2, however, a weekend discount promo also brought about Battlefield 2042’s stellar rise.

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