Forbes Writer Theorizes on Sudden Starfield Score Plummet

Paul Tassi

Paul Tassi

Starfield will always have critics and defenders, like any other game in history. What is surprising, however, is that Starfield started pretty strong but gradually devolved into something review-bombed, especially on the gaming platform Steam.

From an initially “Positive” score, Bethesda’s newest creation slowly regressed into “Mixed” and, finally, “Mostly Negative” on Steam. This is a fact that critics were quick to pick up on and baffled fans who couldn’t see much of the negativity.

Paul Tassi, a Forbes contributor and one of Starfield’s staunchest defenders, came up with three theories at the sudden onset of negative reviews that brought the game’s Steam score down.

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Many players think that Starfield itself is empty and barren, like its planets.

Tassi theorizes that players who stuck with the game since its launch have finally reached the end of their endurance and are finding faults they didn’t see at the start of their journey.

These players waited until they’ve played through all the main quests and are facing the prospect of Unity, or those that have entered Unity far too many times.

The second factor, he said, is that people are finally picking the game up not from Game Pass and are not finding it to their liking. This differs from those who played the game for free on Game Pass, as they had more impetus to see through the entire thing.

Finally, Tassi said content creator videos may have influenced some of those reviews. Having watched one detailed content himself, the Forbes author said it is not impossible for many undecided players to have been driven to post a negative review after watching the videos and finding something they agreed on.

Paul Tassi is the same Forbes contributor who said it’s not the end yet for Starfield, as it still has future updates and Shattered Space, an upcoming DLC.

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