Starfield Reaches New Milestone, Surpasses Skyrim’s All Time High

player inside a portal receiving new powers

player inside a portal receiving new powers

Starfield is quickly breaking through barriers just five days after its launch. On Sunday, Bethesda’s latest and most exciting open-world exploration game surpassed the all-time peak of its fellow Bethesda release, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Okami Games revealed through a post on the social networking site X that, according to Steam, Starfield has seen a 24-hour peak in player count of 325,520 users yesterday, Sunday, September 10. In contrast, Skyrim only saw an all-time peak of 287,411 users 12 years ago.

Starfield has proven to be Bethesda’s biggest release yet. Last week, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer revealed that Starfield has already reached 1 million players during early access.

The official Starfield X account subsequently announced that there are already 6 million players, counting just two days after officially releasing the game.

Starfield’s popularity can be felt in the number of mods already available on Nexus Mods, although Bethesda is yet to release an official toolkit for modding the game. Now, more than a thousand mods are available for download, while the game’s director, Todd Howard, promised that official mod support will be available by 2024.

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Players are also having a merry time in the game’s shipbuilding feature. Several players have opted to recreate iconic vessels from several franchises, including Star Wars, Futurama, and Magic School Bus. Do check out the Futurama ship in last week’s Ship of the Week article.

Last week, players also spotted a unique perk in socializing with their companions.

For instance, a Reddit user revealed that you can enjoy a 15% XP boost for 24 minutes if you are able to make love with your companion. However, you’ll need to establish a relationship before you can do so because Starfield frowns upon casual sexual encounters.

Check out our Sam Coe romance guide and learn how to make your companion commit to your relationship.

Please check back often as we publish the latest news and developments about Bethesda’s latest open-world exploration game.

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