Player Comes up With Interesting Theory on Upcoming DLC

house varuun starfield

house varuun starfield

Starfield has yet to release details about its upcoming downloadable content pack, Shattered Space. That leaves plenty of space for speculation, of which Reddit has plenty—the latest theory regarding the DLC’s content centers around the Va’Ruun’kai.

Describing the faction as Bethesda’s “golden opportunity” to recover after what people consider as a fiasco that was Starfield, user Xilvereight makes several suggestions as to how the company can leverage the Va’Ruun faction and its home planet to make a comeback.

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Three zealots of House Va'Ruun

Xilvereight said that all signs point towards his suggestion regarding the Va’ruun’kai and suggested that Bethesda should create a hand-crafted area surrounding the city of Dazra instead of procedurally generated ones that Starfield already has plenty of.

They further suggested that the DLC’s plot should center around philosophy, religious extremism, and political intrigues and paint the House of Va’Ruun as a faction whose morals will always remain obscure.

Conflict will be created by a fracture within the House, with two factions forming: the main House faction and a breakaway group that wants to supplant the current leadership and force the House’s members to adopt a new doctrine.

This will, Xilvereight say, force the player to pick a side as they do in the base game, and this decision will affect the outcome of your next NG+.

User ABuddyBuddha praised the suggestions but couldn’t stop criticizing it by calling it a “whole lotta pipe dreaming.” Farscry added that adding a handcrafted planet will not remove the fact that the whole game needs a lot of fixing.

It remains to be seen which will drop first - the Shattered Space DLC or the official Creation Kit for Starfield.

Paul Tassi, one of Starfield’s staunchest defenders in the media, points to both of these releases as crucial for Bethesda’s comeback, given the currently plummeting player count and score in Steam.

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