Starfield Breaks Records, Becoming Bethesda’s Biggest Launch

starfield art with explorers looking out to space

starfield art with explorers looking out to space

Starfield continues to break records even as its players break barriers and conquer brave new worlds in the game. In fact, it has become Bethesda’s biggest game launch of all time, surpassing even its own Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises.

This was revealed in a post by the game’s official X account, which stated that the game already has 6 million players worldwide. Friday was the second day of the official launch, while players with Premium and Constellation passes had exclusive early access from September 1 to September 5.

As of Wednesday, Xbox head Phil Spencer also announced that Starfield had more than 1 million players. Data aggregator PlayTracker theorized that this number was only those who purchased the Early Access passes, and upgrades do not include those who bought the standard edition and were waiting for the official release.

With this latest development, we can conclude that roughly 5 million players purchased standard versions of Starfield. This number could still grow with new purchases coming in.

To commemorate the successful launch, the Xbox official X account is asking players to send in their gamer tags so they can receive an official mission patch from Bethesda. They can use this mission patch as a profile picture on social media or in the game itself.

As great a game as Starfield may be, it is not without its bugs, especially at this early stage. One bug is the Den bug, which already had many players lose their in-game assets. The bug occurs when a player acquires an enemy ship, takes it to The Den in the Wolf system, and tries to use their primary vessel.

The player loses their main ship and any items onboard when it occurs. Fortunately, there is a workaround to recover the ship, but no fix is available yet to recover any lost assets due to the bug.

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