Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Top Secret Walkthrough

starfield top secret quest talk to malai liskov

starfield top secret quest talk to malai liskov

One of the higher-ups in Ryujin Industries hands you your first major operation. Your hard work has been recognized, and now you're being trusted with your first Top Secret assignment in the Ryujin Industries questline. Here's how to go about it and get the maximum benefit.

Starfield Top Secret Walkthrough

Head to the Executive Floor of Ryujin Industries

After your success in Maintaining the Edge, you'll gain access to the upper floors of Ryujin Tower. Take the elevator located in the lobby of Ryujin Tower in Neon City. You'll see an option to head up to the Executive Level.

starfield top secret executive floor elevator
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Talk to Maeve

Go ahead and talk to Ularu Chen's secretary, Maeve. She will ask you to wait for Imogene and Ularu's meeting to clear up. You'll be let inside shortly.

starfield top secret secretary maeve
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Meet Ularu Chen

Ularu Chen is a senior executive at Ryujin Industries, and you've been recommended for a top-secret task by Imogene. Ularu will be the one briefing you on the details.

starfield top secret talk to ularu chen
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Travel to Cydonia on Mars

Travel to the Cydonia settlement on Mars in the Sol System. You might remember this from The Old Neighborhood Quest.

starfield top secret cydonia on mars
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Talk to Simon Ryczek

Meet up with Simon Ryczek and talk to him. He will only speak with you if you remember the passcode. The passcode is "Razor derby is the only real sport". It's pretty funny to mess around with the incorrect options, but Simon Ryczek will get annoyed and charge you extra Credits if you do this.

starfield top secret simon ryczek passcode
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Negotiate with Simon Ryczek

Simon Ryczek will change up his end of the bargain and demand that you either pay extra Credits or perform a side quest for him. If your companion is Andreja, she can bargain on your behalf. Otherwise, you can use the Persuasion skill to lower the cost from 10000 to 8000 Credits. Play your cards right, and you can get it down to 4000 Credits.

starfield top secret negotiation options
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If the cost seems too much, you can always accept the side quest, giving you access to a unique new weapon and a new starship. The side quest involves hunting down Malai Liskova and returning with her gun as proof of death. Your companions won't appreciate this, but there's a way around that.

starfield top secret simon dialogue options
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Find The Datura

Travel to the orbit of Saturn in the Sol System to find The Datura.

starfield top secret hail the datura
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Talk to Malai Liskova

Once you arrive, you'll immediately be contacted by The Datura, Malai Liskova's ship. You can choose to attack right away or talk to her and persuade her into letting you dock. It's a relatively easy Persuasion check.

starfield top secret talk to the datura
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Dock the Datura

Dock The Datura and head to the cockpit to talk to Malai Liskova. Here, you have the choice of attacking her to get the weapon or persuading her to hand it over. This persuasion check is a bit more difficult, but she invited you on board to kill you anyway, so don't feel too bad if things go south.

starfield top secret persuasion dialogue for malai litskova
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Retrieve the Ember

Whether through negotiation or by force, collect the Ember from Malai Liskova.

starfield top secret ember unique laser pistol
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Steal The Datura (Optional)

Even if you choose to persuade Malai Liskova and resolve the issue without violence, you can steal her ship without any consequences. Board the captain's seat and open your menu to register it as your own.

starfield top secret steal the datura
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Return to Simon Ryczek

Head back to Simon Ryczek at Cydonia on Mars and show him the Ember as proof of a job well done. He'll hand over the files you need, and he'll also let you keep the Ember.

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starfield top secret report to simon
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Check the Files

Read Stanley McMillan's File and Listen to the Audio File to learn about Project Dominion.

starfield top secret secret files
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Retrieve the Project Dominion Files

Head to the nearby office and sneak up to Stanley's Computer. Deal with the two Novice locks and get your hands on the Project Dominion files.

starfield top secret project dominion secret files
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Report to Ularu Chen at Ryujin Tower

Return to Ularu Chen on the Executive Floor of the Ryujin Tower and tell her about your findings. She'll ask you to follow her and meet Masako Imada.

starfield top secret give slate to ularu chen
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Talk to Masako Imada

Talk to Masako Imada, the CEO of Ryujin Industries, who will trust you to find the mole in their operations. This will conclude the Top Secret quest.

starfield top secret talk to masako imada
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Top Secret Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the Top Secret quest.

  • EXP -10000
  • Ember
  • The Datura (Steal)
  • 1.5 KV LZR Cartridge x120
  • CQB-X
starfield top secret rewards
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That concludes our Ryujin Industries Top Secret walkthrough. It's time to sniff out the mole in the next quest: Background Checks.

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