Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Maintaining The Edge

starfield maintaining the edge stolen prototype schematics

starfield maintaining the edge stolen prototype schematics

Our next mission in the Ryujin Industries questline is ‘Maintaining the Edge’. After getting intel on the Trident Luxury Lines and their new prototype engine, Imogene sends us on a heist mission to steal the prototype schematics. It's time to put those lockpicking skills to use.

Starfield: Maintaining the Edge Walkthrough

Talk to Imogene

After completing the previous quest, Accidents Happen, you have to talk to Imogene to get briefed on your next assignment. Your job is to steal the Prototype Schematics for a brand-new engine model developed by Trident Luxury Lines.

starfield maintaining the edge talk to imogene
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Travel to Trident Luxury Lines Staryard

The first goal is to travel to the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard in the Cheyenne System, near Akila. Get close and dock your ship to the Luxury Lines Staryard. Then, proceed to enter it and walk up to the reception room.

starfield maintaining the edge trident luxury lines staryard
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Steal the Prototype Schematics

There are two methods of obtaining the Prototype Schematics.

  • Head down the stairs to the office below and unlock the doors to the Prototype Schematics room.
  • A vent in the reception room leads to the Prototype Schematics room. You need to unlock the vent and steal the schematics from a chest for this.

Stealing the Prototype Schematics From the Office

Head down to the office. You will find a door opposite to Gladys Coffin. You need to use a Digipick on the door to unlock it and get access to the inside, where you will find the chest with the Prototype Schematics. The biggest challenge here is to avoid the guards and Gladys, as they are constantly patrolling. We would suggest that you wait until midnight to have them shift away.

starfield maintaining the edge waiting for guards to leave
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You will also need a Digipick for the Novice lock on the chest inside. If you do not have a Digipick, you can find one inside a storage room at the back of the office.

Stealing the Prototype Schematics Through the Vent

This method of stealing the schematics is more straightforward as you will only encounter a single security guard. Still, you must have level 2 Security to unlock the Expert lock on the vent.

starfield maintaining the edge vent in reception room
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After opening the vent, drop down, unlock the chest and grab the Prototype Schematics from inside.

starfield maintaining the edge steal after unlocking novice chest
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Talk with Imogene at Ryujin Tower

After successfully stealing the Prototype Schematics, head back to Neon City and talk with Imogene Salzo at Ryujin Tower to collect your rewards.

starfield maintaining the edge give schematics to imogene
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Maintaining The Edge Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the Maintaining the Edge quest.

  • EXP - 100
  • Credits - 2500
  • Medpacks x2
starfield maintaining the edge quest rewards
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That concludes our guide for Maintaining The Edge. Next up, you're getting a promotion. So, prepare for espionage in the next mission, Top Secrets.

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