Starfield - Find a Planet with Global Glacial Recession

starfield Dionysus

starfield Dionysus

Starfield features over a thousand planets and moons to explore and discover. Once you're a part of Constellation, you'll chart unknown territories and look for unexplored new worlds. As part of one of the missions, you'll be asked to find a planet with the Global Glacial Recession trait.

Many planets you visit will have unique traits that differentiate them from others. These traits are usually unexplored geological features unique to these planets. Today, we'll learn how to scan planet traits and how to find the Global Glacial Recession planet trait.

How to Scan For Planet Traits?

There are two steps to surveying a planet and its traits. First, you can perform an orbital scan from your ship, letting you know if the planet has any traits. You can look at the bottom of the planet information table to see if it has any traits. If there are no traits, then it's safe to assume you will not find the Global Glacial Recession trait here.

starfield planet scanning with traits
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The second part involves more footwork as you must now land on the planet's surface and look for geological anomalies by pulling up your scanner. Only head towards natural points of interest as the Global Glacial Recession trait is natural. You're going to be looking for a melted glacier.

How to Find the Global Glacial Recession Planet Trait?

Currently, the only known planet with the Global Glacial Recession trait is the moon Dionysus, which orbits around the planet Aion in the Olympus system.

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The task to find a planet with this trait will be given to you once you become a part of Constellation and start doing their mission board quests.

Once you locate Dionysus, head to it and land on the planet. Next, you need to go around and find a melted glacier. Once you scan it, you'll identify the Global Glacial Recession trait and can turn in your findings for a reward at the mission board.

We'll update this piece with more planets that have the Global Glacial Recession trait as we find them. Meanwhile, you should learn how to farm infinite credits and learn how to build greenhouses.

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