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Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

Creativity is the mark of a true Starfield fan. Over the past three weeks, we’ve seen many creations from many players of Bethesda’s latest open-world exploration game. This week, there have been several exciting outposts coming up on Reddit.

Yesterday, we uncovered an outpost that stretches from the shore to the middle of the sea. Today, we have seen yet another superb outpost creation - this time on the surface of Grimsey, one of Deepala’s moons.

Deepala is a planet in the system of Narion. It looks strikingly similar to our own Saturn, with its rings and multiple moons.

Reddit user TheGingerLand21 built an outpost with a viewing deck directly facing Deepala. Grimsey is extremely close to the planet, so his viewing deck sports a breathtaking view of the gas giant.

Take a look at TheGingerLand21’s creation in the video below.

It’s interesting how creative Starfield players have been with all the game's tools available to them. Last week, somebody posted a ship so huge that the player had difficulty fitting the vessel into the photo.

This led to some Reddit users commenting that it’s no ship but a space station.

Modders have also been busy, even though there’s no official mod creation kit from Bethesda yet. An upcoming mod would bring several exciting characters into the game, including The Pirates of the Carribean’s Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.

This mod also replaces all ships in the game with a gigantic Thomas the Tank Engine.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard previously said in an interview that the company “loves” mods and wants to release official support “in a big way.” Thus, he said, there won’t be official mod support from Bethesda until next year.

Make sure to check back often for more news on anything Starfield.

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