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vasco in hello kitty attire

vasco in hello kitty attire

Starfield has seen a fantastic reception from the talented modding community. All sorts of new ways to change your game are already available to download and enhance your galactic adventure. The brand Hello Kitty has done crossovers in the past; fans have now brought the franchise to Starfield with these Hello Kitty mods!

If you are interested in any of the mods below, head on over to Nexus Mods and sign up for an account to begin adding Starfield Hello Kitty mods today. You can find many other downloads to tweak your experience, but today the focus is on the cutest cat in the galaxy - Hello Kitty.

The Chronomark Watch was heavily promoted during Bethesda's marketing push for Starfield. But why waste your time on the standard in-game version when you can add a mod to really style things up?

hello kitty watch starfield
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Credit: Nexus Mods

You will be given your own Hello Kitty Wristwatch by the guy at the start of the game. You know. the guy who gives you a space ship and takes your place in the mines. It was really nice of him to trade places with you. Now you get to explore the galaxy and be a hero, while he is stuck in the mines for the rest of his life… what a great guy. I forgot his name though.

Your brand new Hello Kitty Wristwatch now comes with a free Mark 1 Constellation Space Suit! Such an amazing deal! Find your new freebie space suit in the main quest brown wood building place, you know the one with red jacket lady and the glow alien orb stuff?? Yeah you know the place…. If you head on down to the basement and turn right then left then left again, then you will find your very own free space suit with the Hello Kitty Wristwatch already attached!

Amazing! Now you can roam the galaxy in style!

it also tells the time :3

Get that old Constellation time piece in the cargo hold and roam the galaxy with Hello Kitty. The mod replaces the watch given to you by Barrett during the first mission of the game and can be seen on your character model after the mod is applied.

This is our favourite out of all the Hello Kitty mods available, but the fun doesn't stop there; many other mods are available for fans of the franchise on Nexus Mods. That said, we LOVE this new skin for the standard cutter.

Make your character stand out even more by complimenting the watch with this Hello Kitty outfit pack from user BBsonico. Or even take things to the next level by getting the lovable Vasco involved with a complete Hello Kitty makeover!

vasco the robot with hello kitty skin
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Credit: Nexus Mods

As you can see, Constellation's trusty robot pal looks stylish with the texture mod applied. We can't wait to see which other franchises make the leap to the cosmos of Starfield in the future!

Fans have already started to bring the likes of Futurama and Star Wars to Bethesda's latest RPG; stay posted with us at Starfield Portal for news on all the best mods, guides and walkthroughs for Starfield.

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