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ryan gosling with starfield backdrop

ryan gosling with starfield backdrop

Modding is an inevitable part of the gaming community. Bethesda’s newest space exploration, open-world RPG, Starfield, is no exception to these modifications. Here, we have gathered our top Starfield mods of the week.

In fact, just four days into its early access period, the modding community already created numerous game modifications that you should check out.

Check out these five fun mods for Starfield that are now available for you to use for free.

Ryan Gosling Character Preset

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Credit: Nexus

Creating your own character is part of the unique experience of games like Starfield. Being one of the most popular actors right now after the release of Barbie, players might want to create their own versions of Ryan Gosling for the game.

Well, if you’re one of those, you can save time in achieving that look for your avatar by simply downloading the Ryan Gosling character preset from Nexus. This preset will customize your own character for you to achieve that Ryan Gosling look.

Fancy Teeth

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Credit: Nexus

Do you wish your own avatar would have those pearly white teeth you’ve always wanted? If so, you can give this neat little mod called Fancy Teeth a try. It’s on Nexus, and it’s free to use.

According to the uploader Socalista, this mod results from an experiment on resolution upscaling. This patch will allow you to take a non-playable character or your own avatar to Enhance for a little cosmetic dental service to whiten their teeth. It also adds the “Healthy Teeth” option to the character customization menu.

There’s a funny little caveat, however - if the NPC by default has yellow or damaged teeth, this mod won’t be able to help them out.

Deep Detail Reshade

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Credit: Nexus

Every player wants to improve user experience, focusing on gameplay and graphics. You might find some visuals in Starfield a little less dark or a little too overexposed, for instance.

If the default in-game controls are unable to enhance those deficiencies, don’t fret! You can try Deep Detail Reshade. This is a superb mod that can make small enhancements to the visuals, specifically the highlights and shadows areas.

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Uploader Creision said that this mod would help users make the blacks look “deeper” and lessen the bombed-out whites.

Batman Batsignal for Flashlight

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Credit: Nexus

The flashlight is an indispensable part of every explorer’s arsenal, whether on Earth or in dark, alien worlds that they’ve never been to before.

In Starfield, you can customize your flashlight to emit not only a bright, illuminating light but also call for help from none other than the Caped Crusader - Batman!

We’re kidding on the calling on Batman part, of course. However, there is indeed a mod that lets you transmit the Bat signal in the darkness with your Starfield flashlight. This is made possible thanks to the uploader, Crypton. Feel free to download the Batman Batsignal mod on Nexus!

Easy Digipick

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Credit: Nexus

Picking locks in Starfield is a mini-game unto itself, especially since you’ll need to beat the Digipick challenge in order to unlock chests and boxes. If you’re not into that challenge or just want to speed-run your game, you could try the Easy Digipick mod.

When this mod is installed, you can simply ignore the Digipick game and still unlock the door, chest, or box anyway. It even allows you to open locks without having the necessary perks by simply entering a code into the console.

Installation is easy - you just need to download the mod and add a line to your Starfield Custom.ini. Don’t forget to thank Nexus user IxionXVII for this gift!

In the meantime, Constellation and Premium users can also start setting up their Chronomark Watches. The companion Starfield Watch app has been available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store since last week.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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