Starfield - Constellation Watch App Released

Todd shows off his watch
Credit: Bethesda

Todd shows off his watch
Credit: Bethesda

The Constellation Edition of Starfield comes with the Chronomark Watch directly from the main game. This bonus for buyers of the priciest Starfield edition will function as a step counter, allowing you to see incoming notifications and more. Bethesda has also released a companion app for the Starfield watch, so read on to find out more.

In-game, Barrett, a member of Constellation, will present you with a Chronomark watch early on to assist you in your exploration and discovery throughout the galaxy.

Starfield Watch App

Head on over to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today and download the Starfield watch app. This app will help you set up your new watch, control the features and tweak the settings. It also comes complete with a handy virtual manual explaining all the watch can do.

Watch instructions
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Credit: Bethesda

Once installed, the app can help you pair your watch to your smartphone and get everything set up to your liking. As mentioned above, there is a full manual included within the app in case you need to find out more information.

The official Bethesda website also has some setup tips for those ready to head out to the cosmos with their brand-new Starfield Chronomark watch:

"Made for explorers, the Starfield Chronomark watch is the perfect addition to any space pioneer’s collection. Pair your watch with your Apple or Android phone to read incoming notifications, control your music, and more. Wear it proudly on your journeys among the stars."

Setting Up Your Watch

Player looks at the watch on their wrist
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Credit: Bethesda

Charging your watch
First, you will need to charge your watch by plugging the micro-USB cable into the magnetic charging puck. You will also need to plug the micro-USB cable into a 5V USB power supply. (Power supply not included.) Applying the magnetic charging puck to the back of the watch body will charge it.

Pairing your watch to your phone
Once your watch is charged, you’re ready to pair the watch with your Apple or Android phone. Upon opening the app, you will be prompted to update the firmware on your watch. Accept the update to continue pairing. (Do not lock your phone screen or turn off your phone during the firmware update.)

We hope all you explorers out there manage to get your watch set up properly, ready to take on any galactic adventure you stumble across. In the meantime, check out some of our other articles to find out things like Starfield unlock times or if there will be land vehicles.

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