Ship of the Week - Futurama’s Planet Express

Planet express ship from futurama

Planet express ship from futurama

The creations never stop coming from budding Starfield shipbuilders. We’ve seen two examples of the Star Wars X-wing starfighter and at least one Millennium Falcon build. A Star Destroyer and ships from other pop culture franchises were also popping up all over Reddit.

We love all those exercises in creativity. However, for this week, we’re only picking one ship to receive the title of “Ship of the Week,” and our choice falls on The Planet Express from the series Futurama. We also pick the version built by Reddit user SP7R.

Futurama X Starfield

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Credit: Reddit

This version of the Planet Express is terrific; the detail is spot on, even down to the colors. It keeps the iconic green, although the Starfield version looks more metallic than the one in the cartoons. It’s incredible how the creator built the machine from various parts to make it look like the iconic vessel we see in Futurama.

The builder, however, did say in his post that he took advantage of a modded vendor to acquire all the parts needed for this build. It would take a user a lot of time to build the Planet Express.

With Starfield already fully released worldwide, many players are now discovering the amazing things in store for them with their purchase of the game.

One player even found out how the game’s physics systems worked the hard way. It makes us wonder how long it took him to hoard all those potatoes.

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