Stormtroopers in Starfield!

a stormtrooper in starfield

a stormtrooper in starfield

Starfield has set the world into a frenzy; half seem to love the game, and the other half having mixed feelings is putting it lightly. None of this has stopped the talented modding community from getting to work. We have seen tons of cool mods already, and now stormtroopers are in Starfield?

The previous Starfield mods we have seen have mostly been the likes of graphic updates, DLSS and tweaks to textures. This new mod is where the fun begins...

Starfield Stormtrooper Mod

A natural fit for Starfield Mods is George Lucas' masterpiece - Star Wars. Now owned by Disney after a buyout, Star Wars is a sci-fi epic that will be enjoyed for generations to come. We didn't expect to see so many creations from the franchise so close to launch, yet there have already been dozens of fan-made Star Wars ships and characters.

This new mod by Nexus Mods user kboykboy turns all the United Colonies guards into stormtroopers! You can find the mod by clicking the link here.

stormtrooper armor
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Credit: Nexus Mods

Take note that this mod is a work in progress, and kboykboy has stated the following in the mods description:


Conversion to Star Wars, Galactic Civil War era.

!! Currently only replaces UC police armor !!


"Currently this mod just replaces the models of the UC police uniform with Stormtrooper armor."

"However I plan on doing much more in the future."

"This mod is using an experimental mesh import tool that I created myself, it may have a few issues here and there so let me know,"

"The armor doesn't have morph targets for body sliders, And the male and female armor is the same, and I didn't replace the first person arm model

This Galactic Civil War Conversion looks like it could be the start of a full-blown Star Wars overhaul for Starfield. We are very excited about the work done so far by the talented modders and look forward to see what will be produced next!

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