Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - Friends Like These Walkthrough

starfield armistice archives with symbols for United Colonies, Freestar Collective, and House Va'ruun

starfield armistice archives with symbols for United Colonies, Freestar Collective, and House Va'ruun

After repelling the Terrormorph attack in the UC Vanguard quest, Eyewitness, you unlock the quest Friends Like These. The Cabinet has decided that it's time for some serious action. However, before you get your hands on the archived data, you need to get the cooperation of the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun.

Friends Like These Walkthrough

Speak to Deputy MacIntyre

Speak to Deputy MacIntyre in the MAST building, and she will tell you that access to the Archives requires keys from both the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun embassies in New Atlantis. She'll give you tips on negotiating with both of them for their cooperation and give you some funds to help.

starfield friends like these speak to macintyre
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Head to the Freestar Embassy

Make your way to the Freestar Embassy after getting authorization from MacIntyre.

starfield friends like these freestar embassy
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Get the Freestar Collective Archival Code

There are three methods to get the Freestar Collective Archival Code

  • Steal the Code
  • Convince Radcliff
  • Blackmail Radcliff

Below, we'll go over each method and what you need to do.

Speak to Radcliff

You can start by talking to a woman named Radcliff in her office and trying to get her cooperation. She'll refuse and state that she wishes to keep her political advantage. You can try convincing her, but it can be difficult as it's an 8-bar check with three attempts. You'll need a decent amount of levels put into Persuasion and a dose of Hyppolyta for good measure.

starfield friends like these freestar embassy persuasion on ambassador radcliff
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Steal the Freestar Collective Archival Code

If the persuasion fails, the second quickest option is simply stealing the Freestar Archival Code. You'll need to complete two tasks.

  • Pickpocket the Archival Key off Ambassador Radcliff using Theft.
  • Break into any of the Master difficulty vents on the opposite side of the Embassy using the Security skill.
  • You can also hack the Expert lock downstairs rather than the Master difficulty vents to access the same room.

Head down to the Archival Code generation machine and have it generate your required code.

Access the UC Listening Device

The UC has a listening device planted inside Radcliff's room where you can learn some information that you can use to blackmail her once you get your hands on it. There are two methods to break into her room.

starfield friends like these UC hidden listening device planter in plant
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Break into the Vents(Optional)

You can hack into either the Master lock behind Radcliff or the Advanced lock in the adjacent meeting room. Both paths will lead you to her room, where you can interact with the plant to get the recording.

starfield friends like these break into door in meeting room
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Speak to Cameron (Optional)

You can also enlist the help of the disgruntled employee Cameron, who is more than willing to help if you lie to him about the UC wanting to hire him for his talents.

starfield friends like these lie to cameron
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He'll ask you to meet privately to discuss the matter with him.

starfield friends like these lie to cameron or bribe him
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He'll give you a key that unlocks a vent in the room upstairs that leads to Radcliff's room.

starfield friends like these upstairs vent
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Confront Radcliff

Once you've heard the recording, go back to Radcliff and confront her about it. Her tone will change drastically, and she'll submit to your demands. You can ask her for gifts and a negotiation price at your discretion. She'll hand over her pistol, The Ambassador, and 9000 Credits.

starfield friends like these blackmailing radcliff with evidence
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Follow Radcliff

She'll head downstairs and generate the Freestar Collective Archival key for you.

starfield friends like these freestar archival key generator
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Head to the Va'ruun Embassy

Next, go to the Va'ruun Embassy in New Atlantis and enter using the keycard MacIntyre provided you earlier.

starfield friends like these va'ruun embassy door
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Take the Elevator Upstairs

The place is desolate, with no sign of life besides some ominous plants. Take the elevator on the left and head upstairs.

starfield friends like these elevator upstairs
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Interact with the Intercom

Interact with the nearby intercom; a creepy static-y voice will guide you on what to do next.

starfield friends like these intercom
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Start by hitting the Power Switch right next to the Intercom.

Continue Deeper into the Embassy

Head back to the room on the right to make your way deeper into the facility. You'll have to jump over a wall of plants and into the room ahead. Beware of the mounted turrets ahead. You can enter the room and interact with the Power Switch and Intercom. A hostile Class A Robot will spawn.

starfield friends like these intercom number 2
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Next, head to your right and go upstairs. Enter the room on the left, and you'll be greeted by 4 Class A Robots and a mounted Turret. Take your time and dispatch these enemies.

starfield friends like these going upstairs in va'ruun embassy
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Walk ahead and into the room on your left. You'll find the last Power Switch inside. Flip it, and you'll be asked to head downstairs.

starfield friends like these intercom 3
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Head to the Basement Intercom

You can make your way downstairs and interact with the intercom ahead. The previously inaccessible door will now be accessible. Head inside, but be prepared for combat.

starfield friends like these va'ruun basement intercom
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Clear the Basement

Two powerful and agile Class S robots are in the Va'ruun Embassy basement. Be prepared to deal with them quickly.

Speak to Bal'mor

Bal'mor is the ambassador of House Va'ruun, and he'll tell you that the building has been out of commission since the Terrormorph attack. He'll also thank you for restoring the power.

starfield friends like these ambassador bal'mor
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Get the House Va'ruun Archival Key

Luckily, Bal'mor is a lot easier to convince than Radcliff, and with a few assurances, he'll help you out and generate the Va'ruun Archival Key for you. He'll also give you a bit of special dialogue if you go there with Andreja.

starfield friends like these house va'ruun archival code
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Report Back to MacIntyre

Walk back to the MAST building and report your success to MacIntyre.

starfield friends like these report to macintyre
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Head to the Armistice Archives

It's time for a walk to the Armistice Archives. Head inside the building and take the elevator upstairs.

starfield friends like these elevator to armistice archives
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Approach the Monitor Station

Approach the Monitor Station on the left, and they'll guide you on the protocol.

starfield friends like these monitor station in armistice archives
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Deposit the Code Pieces

Deposit all three Armistice Archive code pieces in their respective slots.

starfield friends like these armistice archives insert codes
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Collect the Terrormorph Data

You can just head inside and collect the data inside the room. It's the only folder you can interact with and will be marked with a quest marker at the end of the room.

starfield friends like these terrormorph data cell 18
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Head Back to MacIntyre

It's time for another walk back to the MAST building. Return to MacIntyre with the Terrormorph data, and you'll find her talking with Hadrian.

starfield friends like these hadrian and macintyre in the MAST office
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Hand the Data to Hadrian

Hand over the Terrormorph data to Hadrian, who will leave for her lab on Mars.

starfield friends like these give data to hadrian
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Swear the Oath

Follow MacIntyre to the roof of the UC MAST building, where she will have you pledge an oath and officially welcome you as a citizen of the United Colonies. You'll get your own UC Citizen ID and access to purchasing a house in The Well.

starfield friends like these swear united colonies citizenship oath
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She'll tell you that a special person has requested to meet you in Subsection Seven of the MAST building. This will conclude the 'Friends Like These' quest.

Friends Like These Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits - 12000
  • UC Citizenship
starfield friends like these quest rewards
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This concludes our guide for the UC Vanguard Friends Like These Quest. Next, we meet a key player of the United Colonies in the quest, The Devils You Know.

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