Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - Eyewitness Walkthrough

united colonies council office logo in eyewitness quest

united colonies council office logo in eyewitness quest

Eyewitness in Starfield is a side quest belonging to the UC Vanguard questline. You are tasked with convincing the Cabinet to give you details on the Xenowarfare division and their Terrormorph experiments during the Colony Wars.

Starfield: Eyewitness Guide

Meet Hadrian Outside the MAST Building

Travel to the MAST District in New Atlantis and head to the MAST Building. Hadrian will be waiting out at the front for you.

starfield eyewitness talk to hadrian
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Proceed to the Cabinet Chambers

After talking with Hadrian, proceed to the Cabinet Chambers through the elevator.

starfield eyewitness elevator to get to cabinet chambers
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Address the Cabinet

Talk with the Cabinet and listen to what they have to say. They will ask about the Terrormorph attack you saw during Grunt Work. You can answer these questions however you like, as they won't change the outcome.

As you listen to them, an emergency happens outside, and the Cabinet asks for your help with the Terrormorphs.

Deal With the Commotion

Take the elevator down to the NAT Station. Deal with a commotion outside to proceed caused by the people influenced by the Terrormorph's aura.

starfield eyewitness orion em pointing at possessed civillian
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Take the EM Weapons and Incapacitate the Attackers

Collect the EM Weapon lying on the ground and use it on the civilians attacking the guards. Make sure you do not kill them and only knock them out.

starfield eyewitness em orion lying on ground
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Assess the Situation at the Station

After clearing the attackers, talk with guards, who will tell you the train is now unlocked. You can use it to get to the Spaceport.

starfield eyewitness talk to guard to assess situation
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Take the NAT to the Spaceport

Leave the NAT Station by taking the train towards the Spaceport.

starfield eyewitness NAT train travels to spaceport
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Eliminate the Terrormorph

Once you arrive at the Spaceport, you will see some guards fighting the Terrormorph. Help the guards in fighting and eliminating the Terrormorph. After defeating the creature, talk with the officer in charge.

starfield eyewitness eliminate the terrormorph
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Speak to Sergeant Yumi

He updates you on the situation and tells you to prepare for another round as there are more Terrormorphs ahead. He asks you to take the supplies nearby.

starfield eyewitness speak to sergeant yumi
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Speak to the Fire Team (Optional)

You can talk to the Fire Team and have them follow you to help with the upcoming fight. You don't need to worry about mind control.

starfield eyewitness speaking to fireteam leader
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Defeat the Terrormorphs

You now have to defeat two more Terrormorphs roaming the Spaceport. The key here is to take them on individually rather than becoming overwhelmed. If you ask the fire team to accompany you, you can have them tank some attacks on your behalf.

starfield eyewitness dead terrormorph body
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Talk to Sergeant Yumi

After clearing out the Terrormorphs, talk with Yumi and report the situation to him to get his gratitude. Head back to the Cabinet after finishing the dialogue.

starfield eyewitness speak to sergeant yumi again
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Report to President Abello in the Cabinet Chambers

When you return to the Cabinet Chambers, talk with Abello and report your success to her. Doing so will complete the quest.

starfield eyewitness speak to abello costa for gratitude
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Eyewitness Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits - 12000

This unlocks the next quest in the UC Vanguard storyline, Friends Like These.

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