Starfield - Hidden In-Game Modding?

An mid size outpost on a planet

An mid size outpost on a planet

With mere weeks away from the launch of Starfield, information has slowly begun to trickle out from Bethesda Game Studios. The modding community await release to see just what fun things they can do with the game. Could Bethesda be hiding modding tools that everyone could use within the base game?

Earlier this week, Jamie Mallory, a producer on Starfield was featured in a developer spotlight article. The producer spoke on the development of the game and made some interesting comments about a particular collaboration during this time.


The collaboration that was mentioned involved the team who worked on SnapMap for DOOM 2016. Jamie said that they helped on the Shipbuilder portion of Starfield, which allows players to really let their creative juices flow.

Ship building by simple snapping of parts together
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Credit: Bethesda
Could this be just a small part of a complete modding suite?

"We had an amazing team with some developers who worked on the incredible SnapMaps in Doom 2016, and we've got this massive list of exciting features we're looking forward to discussing and potentially implementing in the future, but shh, I can't spill all the details here. Just thinking about the possibilities gets my dopamine pumping!"

SnapMap is a feature in Doom 2016 that allows for simple level designing. Pieces of map snap together in an easy-to-use custom-level designer that allows players to create, share, and play on user-designed maps. A fuller version of this in Starfield could easily be a 'Modding for beginners' type of feature.

Super Starfield Maker?

The fact that Jamie mentioned there were exciting features left to discuss tells us that there is more to this news than we are being told. Bethesda is famous for encouraging fans to mod their games. Over the years, official support for mods has even been implemented.

Two Bethesda workers sit at a pc designing ships
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Credit: Bethesda
Shipbuilder was made with help from the SnapMap team

It isn't too much of a reach to speculate that the base game of Starfield, could have its own suite of modding tools. Using the SnapMap-like Shipbuilder system, entire cities could be made within the feature. Could this be even larger than we are being told and actually be a set of tools to mod Starfield from within?


We know mods will eventually arrive for Starfield, in fact, the first mod is already being planned. These are usually reserved for talented modders to release for our enjoyment. If Starfield has indeed got its very own set of modding creator tools, it could truly change the game for us all.

Sharable planets, outposts, ship designs, and even cities could be a possibility. If Bethesda has got this feature implemented, then Starfield's galaxy just got a lot bigger than it already is.

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