Inquisitor Overhaul’s Vast Library of Fantastic Mods Is Now Playable Again in the Latest Update

Image of a Starfield combat gameplay with Todd Howard
Credit: Bethesda/InquisitorOverhauls

Image of a Starfield combat gameplay with Todd Howard
Credit: Bethesda/InquisitorOverhauls

Starfield’s latest update added new gameplay fixes, quality-of-life changes, and updated visuals such as the surface maps and game meshes.

While these changes breathed new life into the game, many mods were affected, particularly InquisitorOverhaul’s fantastic library of Starfield mods.

Fortunately, a new tool from fellow modder JMPZ11 allows easy mesh support, and players can enjoy the DLC-sized mod content.

Posting on Reddit, u/InquisitorOverhauls showcased their newly updated mod library for Starfield’s Update 4. The mod library features new bosses, a farming mechanic, and various ship modules.

Thanks to a mesh migration tool made by JMPZ11, primarily intended for mod authors, players can now fully enjoy these mods without fearing their game will break. Modding tools like this keep a healthy community by ensuring existing mods work after an official game update.

Bethesda games like Skyrim and Starfield are notoriously prevalent in the modding scene, with amazing mods ranging from a Mandalorian overhaul mod list to cutesy ones like the Hello Kitty mod.

Some fans are excited about this tool and mod update, while others are wary of using mods until the official Creation Kit from Bethesda comes out in a later update, possibly along with the Shattered Space DLC. A new update will also definitely increase Starfield’s player count, akin to what happened to Fallout after the premier of the Fallout TV show.

Bethesda will continue updating Starfield in the very near future, with a possible announcement during the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase next month. Whether the studio will add new vehicles, quests, or maps, there are several features that players will look forward to in this update. In other news, Fallout 76 receives more love with the Buff N Brew community service coming soon to PlayStation.

Regardless of the games you play, stay updated with the latest Bethesda news and announcements with Starfield Portal.

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