A Staggering 1 Million Players Logged on to Fallout 76

fallout 76 1 million players at the same time

fallout 76 1 million players at the same time

Fallout 76 has reached its highest concurrent player count in 5 years after the game reportedly had 1 million players playing at the same time on April 24, exactly two weeks after the premiere of the Prime Video live-action series.

The Fallout franchise is undoubtedly on a hot streak, thanks to the successful premiere of the live-action adaptation series on Prime Video. Last week, GSD data showed that four games—Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Fallout: New Vegashave climbed to the top of the weekly European gaming charts.

The Fallout official X account has announced that Fallout 76, the multiplayer online prequel to the franchise, has reached a record 1 million concurrent player count.

The post did not mention which platforms this milestone has been broken on. However, it is most likely a cumulative figure since data on Steam DB show that concurrent players for April 24 were 51,870.

fallout 76 steam db charts
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Credit: Steam DB

The game peaked at 73,368 players on April 21, Sunday.

Fallout 76 is available via Steam on Xbox Series X, S consoles, and PC. It’s worth noting that Amazon, as part of its promotion for the live-action adaptation on Prime Video, has recently offered free copies of Fallout 76 for Xbox Series X and S and PC for members of Prime Gaming until May 16.

Fallout 76 also offered a free trial of its premium Fallout 1st membership until yesterday, April 23. Fallout 1st membership is also available at discounted rates on Xbox until April 25 and Steam until May 4.

Amazon announced last week that, following a phenomenal launch, the Fallout live-action series will be getting a second season. However, no release date was revealed.

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