Starfield Shattered Space DLC Release Date Confirmed

Shattered Space DLC
Credit: Bethesda

Shattered Space DLC
Credit: Bethesda

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For Starfield fans, the recent period of silence has been challenging. The mediocre six-weekly updates have left many yearning for more. However, the wait is about to pay off. Shattered Space, the first story expansion for Starfield, is set to launch in Fall 2024, promising a much-needed boost in content.

Fans have been hoping for the smallest tidbit of Starfield news from Bethesda, which had appeared to all but abandon its space game despite the huge post-launch team still working on the project.

Now, we at least have a glimpse into the release window for Shattered Space, albeit almost half a year before getting to play. Todd Howard dropped by the Kinda Funny Gamecast to discuss all things Bethesda, revealing the DLC launch window and more.

shattered space dlc release date
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While being asked about Starfield updates and talking about how the next one is big, Greg Miller of Kinda Funny asked if it was Shattered Space, to which Howard casually replied, "Shattered Space is in the Fall." Now, while this remark did not seem like a big deal to the Bethesda chief, for us Starfield-starved fans, it's huge.

Finally we have confirmation of the DLC launch window, albeit a bit further out than most would like. Todd Howard also discussed city maps finally coming to Starfield in the new update, which is a much-requested feature.

Unfortunately, no other details regarding Shattered Space were confirmed during the interview, so we will need to wait a while longer before we get a release date locked down.

We have our own wishlists for what we want to see in Shattered Space once we get our hands on the DLC. We would love to see more of the Settled Systems alongside enhancements to existing features.

To check out Todd's full interview with Kinda Funny Games, where he discusses Starfield and other BGS titles click here.

What would you like to see in Shattered Space? Or is it too little too late? Let us know in the comments below!

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