Is Bethesda Undergoing Beta Testing of Starfield Creation Kit 2?

An artificially altered Todd Howard screaming, superimposed on concept art from Starfield.

An artificially altered Todd Howard screaming, superimposed on concept art from Starfield.

It’s almost March, yet Bethesda has not announced any details concerning the Starfield Creation Kit we’ve all been waiting for.

However, there may be some movement in that direction, as an inquisitive participant on Reddit has discovered evidence of activities that could be relevant to the Creation Kit.

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Credit: Reddit

On a thread titled “Looks like there will be closed testing of Creation Kit 2 for verified creators,” Redditor TERABIT posted a screenshot that showed a string of changes carried out to Starfield by username “ct_beta_verifiedcreator.”

The changes took place over the past three days, beginning on February 20.

TERABIT posted the source to the screenshot, which turned out to be the Starfield page at Steam DB. We dug further on the website and found out that there is an unofficial patch recorded for the game that was uploaded on February 20.

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Credit: SteamDB/Screenshot

Unlike official Bethesda patches, which bear titles like “Update 1.8.97,” this patch was untitled.

A closer look also showed that the patch affected the Starfield.esm file as well as the Interface, Materials, Particles, Shaders, and Misc Ba2 in the game’s installation folder.

The evidence clearly points to a program that can create patches being used right now for the Steam version of Starfield. This app is currently in beta testing and can only be accessed by a Verified Creator based on the username.

Is this the Creation Kit 2? While the screenshots make it seem to be the case, Bethesda has not made an official announcement on its website or its socials as of writing.

Officially, the Creation Kit for Starfield is due to come out any time this year, according to Todd Howard in an interview right after launch.

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