Fallout 76: Buff N Brew, A Cozy Community Service, Is Coming Soon to PlayStation

Fallout 76 Buff N Brew
Credit: Bethesda

Fallout 76 Buff N Brew
Credit: Bethesda

Fallout 76 and other games in the series are basking in the limelight thanks to the success of Amazon’s Fallout TV show. Fallout 4 has received some love with its latest next-gen update. While Fallout 76 is currently experiencing an increase in active player count, there’s another reason for fans to celebrate: Fallout 76’s community service, Buff N Brew, is coming to PlayStation this year.

Created by Kat DuchessFlame during the pandemic, Buff N Brew has become a cozy little hub that makes living in the wasteland manageable and fun. It is a place for all kinds of players, newcomers and veterans alike, to socialize and gather for food buffs to aid them in their journey. Buff N Brew has fostered a great sense of community and has become integral to the new player experience.

Buff N Brew Arcade Fallout 76
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Credit: Bethesda

Currently exclusive to Xbox and PC players, Buff N Brew will be available to PlayStation players later this year. While there are no set dates yet, Buff N Brew coming to the Sony console means more players can experience what the community service offers.

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It also offers PS players the opportunity to join this community, lending the expertise of its veteran players or assisting newcomers alike. With Fallout 76 reaching a whopping 1 million concurrent players last month, new community members are welcome to join Buff N Brew.

This community support will also let more players breeze through events like the current Spring Cleaning Challenge, which makes it more fun for everyone else. Community initiatives like Buff N Brew make places like the Fallout 76 version of Filly from the TV show bustling with activities.

Whether you are busy collecting power armor in Fallout 4 or rewatching your favorite Fallout TV scenes, stay tuned to Starfield Portal for the latest wasteland news.

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