Starfield's Player Count Is On The Rise Again

vasco sitting on top of a rocky planet .
Credit: Bethesda

vasco sitting on top of a rocky planet .
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield's latest update, released less than a week ago, has significantly improved the game with multiple bug fixes and quality-of-life enhancements, particularly the updated surface maps. This update has sparked a surge in player interest, as evidenced by the upward trend in the charts.

The Steam Charts show the game's average and peak player counts have increased, creating speculation about whether the update caused this increase or if the player base is keen on discovering more about the upcoming Shattered Space DLC, which will be released this year.

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Credit: Bethesda

Many fans have expressed satisfaction with the recent performance updates and map changes, which they consider the most significant improvements. This positive sentiment is reflected in the game’s Steam reviews, which have seen a notable increase in positive reviews compared to negative ones since the update.

While player counts and reviews are just a few tests for determining whether the player base is satisfied with a game's direction, Starfield’s recent numbers may indicate positive anticipation for the DLC.

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Some players feel that the latest update is a significant improvement, while others think more pressing issues still need to be fixed. Repetitive places of interest, quests, and general gameplay are a few of the areas that Bethesda can still improve on. The new update has brought more positives than negatives in data and community temperature.

The latest update containing these improvements may be one of the last before Shattered Space releases later this year. Fans are excited about the upcoming DLC and are looking forward to land vehicles and Creations being added to the game. Hopefully, we will find out more in an announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase next month.

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