Starfield Getting a Mandalorian Makeover Is the Best Fan Creation We’ve Seen Yet

the mandalorian is flying through the air while holding grogu
Credit: Disney/Star Wars

the mandalorian is flying through the air while holding grogu
Credit: Disney/Star Wars

From spaceships and unique planets to weirdly satisfying food items and laser rifles, Starfield has a lot in common with Star Wars. Even the factions from the game may seem similar to what Star Wars has, especially with the series Mandalorian.

Unfortunately for fans, EA has cancelled the Mandalorian game, leaving everyone longing. Never fret, though. A Starfield fan has come up with a great idea for turning the game into the first-person shooter we never had—with the help of over 100 mods.

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Youtuber DeityVengy posted their creation on the video streaming platform before Starfield’s May 15 update and included their complete mod list to transform the Bethesda game into a galaxy far, far away.

Equipped with Mandalorian armor, DeityVengey can be seen fighting several AT-STs and Stormtroopers, even showcasing a Sanitation Mini Bot that looks exactly like R2-D2.

If you are a fan of Star Wars and you want to play as the legendary bounty hunter in Starfield, here’s a mod list that DeityVengey has created to help you craft the best Starfield fan creation so far:

Main Mods:

  • Mandalorian Suit
  • Star Wars Aliens
  • UC Empire
  • Freestar Rebels
  • Shadow Collective - Crimson Fleet Conversion
  • Star Wars Purge Troopers
  • Hugin's Ecliptic Bounty Hunters
  • Star Wars Weapon Replacer (ALL)
  • Star Wars Aurebesh Conversion
  • Starfield HD Overhaul
  • Boostpack to Jetpack
  • Unified Camera
  • Slightly Better Weapon Icon

All these mods can be downloaded in NexusMods and DeityVengey has included a Google Drive link to assist aspiring bounty hunters to set up their game. If you are wary of manually installing mods and would rather wait for Bethesda’s official Creation Kit, you can build your very own Mandalorian build using this guide.

An upcoming Xbox Games Showcase next month will possibly provide more information about the upcoming DLC, should it include the most awaited Creation Kit.

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Check out the best Star Wars mods here, and stay updated for the latest news and announcements here in Starfield Portal.

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