ThreeZero Is Re-Releasing the T-51 Nuka Cola Power Armor

fallout 4 t51 threezero power armor nuka cola
Credit: Bethesda/ThreeZero

fallout 4 t51 threezero power armor nuka cola
Credit: Bethesda/ThreeZero

Bethesda, Prime Video, and their partners have been busy bringing the upcoming Fallout live-action series to everyone’s attention. We’ve had the special release Nuka-Cola Victory Drink from the Jones Soda Co., the Gunnar Optiks special-edition Fallout glasses, and Xbox’s Vault 33 dynamic background.

Threezero, a well-known manufacturer of fully articulated scale models, is re-releasing the T-51 Nuka-Cola Power Armor 1/6-scale collectible figure!

threezero nuka cola power armor
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Credit: threezero

As you can see, the toy derives its name from the red-and-white color scheme and the Nuka Cola logo emblazoned on its chest and shoulder plates. However, this is not your shiny, straight-from-the-foundry Power Armor. This figure features threezero’s trademark weathering, making it look like the war-seasoned armor worn by the Brotherhood of Steel.

This little bad boy is not made to do only a single pose as well. The figure has more than 35 articulation points, making it capable of several cool poses for that studio photography you’ve been planning. The helmet also lights up, thanks to a built-in light-emitting diode.

You could also do a face reveal for your photography! You can remove the helmet part and replace it with a male head bust that comes with the package. You might even have the figure look headless if you’d like, although that’s something we don’t highly recommend.

Here’s the best part, however - the T-51 Nuka Cola Power Armor comes with magnetic connection points. These points allow you to mix and match parts of this Power Armor and any other threezero Power Armor figures you have in your collection as you would in the games.

Of course, a Power Armor is never complete without weaponry. For this scale model, you can attach a signature AER-9 laser rifle.

If you find this Power Armor to your liking, or if you missed the initial release, make sure to pre-order the figure from the threezero website.

The countdown is on for the premiere of Prime Video’s Fallout live-action series. The release date has now been pulled back to April 11, with all eight episodes on the premiere.

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