Fallout 3 Reference in Starfield Found

fallout 3 starfield

fallout 3 starfield

Like Starfield, the Fallout franchise is a beloved series of games for avid fans of Bethesda. It is also the one that’s most conceptually similar to the developer’s latest space romp. The games occur in a post-apocalyptic future where the world has been left barren after a violent nuclear war.

Todd Howard hinted that the Fallout world would have been partially included in Starfield’s barren Earth, but this plan was ultimately shelved for various reasons. However, they have hidden Fallout Easter Eggs within Starfield’s vast expanse.

One Easter Egg was found on Charybdis III, where you can find a cloning facility that has long since been abandoned. X user TKs-Mantis noted that there is a cloning pod there labeled as “Gary_23, Expiration 2277, Transferred to: V108.”

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Credit: X/Bethesda/Tks-Mantis

For Fallout 3 fans, the reference is stark and obvious. V108 refers to Vault number 108 in Fallout 3, which takes place in the year 2277. Moreover, Vault 108 is full of clones that are all named Gary, and number 23 is found dead in a room near a simulation pod.

User Space Cowboy was quick to proclaim that, given the choice of Gary_23, Starfield may be a simulation and that everyone is an inhabitant of the Vaults hooked into this reality.

Of course, let’s all take it with a grain of salt, but this should get you wondering - how many Fallout Easter Eggs can there be in Bethesda’s biggest game in its entire career?

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Credit: Prime Video

Bethesda has partnered with Amazon Prime Video to produce an eponymous Fallout live-action series, which is set to be released on April 12, 2024. No plotlines are available yet, but more information should be forthcoming since the release is only five months away.

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