Do You Fancy a Taste of Nuka-Cola Victory? Make sure to Pre-Order!

fallout 4 sole survivor nate nuka-cola victory jones soda co.
Credit: Bethesda/Jones Soda Co.

fallout 4 sole survivor nate nuka-cola victory jones soda co.
Credit: Bethesda/Jones Soda Co.

We have plenty to thank Amazon Prime Video and Bethesda for outside of the upcoming Fallout live-action series, which drops on April 12. Thanks to this series, we’re finally seeing the Nuka-Cola Victory in the flesh (or glass), and if we’re lucky, we can even get to taste it.

The Jones Soda Co. has brought the rare Wasteland drink to life through a special release to celebrate the launch of the Amazon Prime Video live-action series.

Here’s the caveat, though - the special release, launched the previous weekend, quickly sold out in just two days! However, there’s still a chance to order a case of the highly coveted peach mango soda drink directly from the bottler, as Jones Soda Co. allows pre-orders on their website.

Since it is a special release, supplies will continue to be limited, so it’s a good idea to pre-order your drinks as soon as possible.

After that, it’s simply a waiting game until Jones Soda Co. can push your order through the “overwhelming response.” The Nuka-Cola Victory pre-order page estimates that they can ship out pre-orders by the end of this month.

While you’re at it, keep all the caps from your Nuka-Cola Victory pack. You can mail them to the Jones Soda Co. and receive some exclusive Fallout-themed gear from them.

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Credit: Empire

Be sure to catch the first official Fallout live-action series premiere on April 12 through Amazon Prime Video. The series is an original canon story with new characters set in a time that's apart from the Fallout games.

The series stars Ella Purnell as Lucy, a dweller from Vault 33 in Los Angeles who ventures out into the Wasteland in search of the Artifact. The Quest crosses her path with the Brotherhood of Steel and The Ghoul, played by Walter Goggins.

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