Prime Video Gives Away Free Fallout Vault 33 Dynamic Xbox Background

lucy exits vault 33 fallout prime video
Credit: Fallout on Prime/X

lucy exits vault 33 fallout prime video
Credit: Fallout on Prime/X

Bethesda and Prime Video are leaving no stone unturned with their relentless promotion of the upcoming Fallout live-action series. We’ve already seen special release materials like the Nuka-Cola Victory drinks from the Jones Soda Co. and the amazing Fallout gaming glasses from Gunnar Optiks.

What other promotional stuff could this collaboration bring? Based on this post from the official Fallout X account, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console players can get an exclusive freebie for their systems.

Look at this beautifully designed dynamic background, which features Lucy, Ella Purnell’s character, and the Vault 33 entrance.

Thanks to the release of two official trailers, we have at least an idea why the three main characters—played by Walton Goggins, Aaron Morten, and Ella Purnell—are doing what they are doing in the show. Lucy is out in the Wasteland due to pure idealism, Maximus wants to get back at those who hurt him, and the Ghoul remains enigmatic until now.

The dynamic background immortalizes the moment of no return for our heroine. Lucy is seen walking towards the heavy door, the number 33 emblazoned on the back of her Vault Suit, as the contraption swings away to reveal the Wasteland.

This moment is significant, as Vault Dwellers live lives of relative safety from the challenges of the Wasteland.

Amazon Prime Video participated in the recently concluded South by Southwest event in Texas, where Morten and Goggins were seen enjoying what the activation had to offer. Elon Musk also appeared later in the afternoon, playing the arcade games and briefly chatting with Todd Howard.

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