Gunnar Optiks Fallout Glasses Available to Order April 3

fallout 4 sanctuary hills gunnar optiks vault 33 eyeglasses

fallout 4 sanctuary hills gunnar optiks vault 33 eyeglasses

Gaming strains the brain and eyes, so you need eye protection when playing Fallout and other games for an extended period. Gunnar Optik has you covered with its limited-edition Fallout Vault 33 gaming glasses.

The Fallout x Gunnar Optiks Fallout glasses are an official collaboration between Bethesda and the Carlsbad-based gaming and computer glasses manufacturer.

gunnar optiks fallout vault 33 eyeglasses
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Credit: Gunnar Optiks
Behold, the Fallout Vault 33 glasses

These spectacles feature UV and blue light protection, the latter of which shields your oculars from the subtle radiation from gaming monitors and smartphones.

The glasses are large, 1950s retro-themed glasses with side shields to prevent ultraviolet light or monitor radiation from leaking through the corners. As for the lenses, you have three choices: clear, amber, and dark sunglasses.

The glasses come with a sturdy case, a carrying pouch, and a microfiber cloth for wiping. All these come in Vault Blue, with emblems of Vault 33 and Vault-Tec Industries emblazoned on their surfaces.

Content creators invited to and attended the Prime Video activation at SXSW received the Gunnar Optiks glasses as a gift and other merchandise in the tote bag.

On the other hand, those who want to purchase their glasses can do so through Gunnar Optiks’ website starting April 3 for around $99.

Mark your calendars and order your Gunnar Optiks Fallout Vault 33 gaming glasses. They can help make sure your eyes don’t get strained while binge-watching the entire season of the Fallout live-action series, which premieres on Amazon Prime Video with all episodes available on April 12.

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