Vanity Fair Releases Exclusive Stills From Upcoming Fallout Series

fallout tv series

fallout tv series

Amazon Prime Video announced last month that the upcoming Fallout live-action series will premiere on April 12, 2024. On that announcement, no cast or plot details were revealed for the live-action show based on the popular Bethesda franchise that preceded Starfield.

Yesterday, Vanity Fair released an exclusive first look at the upcoming series on its official X account. The publication outlet also revealed three cast members and stills from the TV show. Take a look at actress Ella Purnell as Vault resident Lucy.

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Credit: X/Vanity Fair

The sneak peek also showed actors Aaron Morten and Walter Goggins as Maximus and The Ghoul, respectively.

Morten plays the role of Maximus, a soldier who wears a mechanical suit of armor while patrolling the Wasteland for The Brotherhood of Steel. On the other hand, Goggins is The Ghoul, a gunslinger who is strengthened instead of being sickened by radiation poisoning.

Lastly, Purnell is Lucy, a Vault Dweller whose clan has lived underground for 200 years. She is, however, forced to give up her sheltered life and explore the world decimated by nuclear war.

According to the post, the Artifact is a central point of the series’ plot. Without revealing any other details, Vanity Fair said that all three characters above will be searching for The Artifact - a journey that will have them cross paths.

Coincidentally, this is similar to Starfield's main story.

Prime Video had already released a single still image to promote the series for the Fallout franchise’s 25th anniversary. The preview showed an open Vault door, with one dweller stepping out while three others looked on with their backs to the camera.

That character might be Lucy, who’ll explore the world beyond their Vault's iron and stone walls in the live-action series.

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