Fallout Modders Promote Project With Impressive Unreal 5 Short Film

Credit: YouTube/Webb Productions Entertainment

Credit: YouTube/Webb Productions Entertainment

While there’s a lot of buzz around Fallout this year, thanks to the upcoming live-action series that premieres in April, there is still no official word from Bethesda about a new installment to the franchise.

Supporting Starfield is still among their priorities, after all, and then Fallout has to wait in line after The Elder Scrolls VI.

Fan-made content, however, is a different story. There’s a huge mod for Fallout 4 coming also in April called Fallout: London, which takes the story out of the continental United States and into the United Kingdom.

There’s also the Fallout: Breaking short film, whose independent director is scheduling it for release right after the Fallout live series.

And then you also have this other mod called Fallout: The Odyssey, whose creators have released a short film that serves as a preview of what players can expect from the project.

Players have been blown away by the quality of the short film, which was wholly made from the latest Unreal engine, the Unreal Engine 5.

Just a word of caution, however - The Odyssey is made from the code of Fallout: New Vegas, which means that you shouldn’t expect to see the kind of graphics that are featured in the short film from the mod itself.

The Odyssey takes the story back to 2297 and puts the player in the shoes of the Lone Wanderer, who is forced to pick a side between the Brotherhood of Steel and the reformed Enclave.

At this time, the Brotherhood is getting ready to finish the Enclave off, so your choice of allegiance will have a huge impact on your experience.

The mod is still under development as of writing, and the creators have not yet indicated a release date. Its scale is huge, as it is a brand-new storyline and features a new location. Of course, it’s going to have its own set of quests to advance the story from the player’s perspective.

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