Prime Video Gives Closer Look at Protagonists With New Fallout Trailer

walton goggins vault 4 fallout live action
Credit: Prime Video

walton goggins vault 4 fallout live action
Credit: Prime Video

There’s only a month left until the first episode of the Fallout live-action series produced by Amazon Prime Video airs. Details have been very sparse in the past, and the first teaser trailer didn’t reveal much about the character’s motivations and personalities.

That changes now with the arrival of the second teaser trailer from Amazon. You can view the trailer below straight from Prime Video’s YouTube channel.

The new trailer expands on the character introductions by revealing what motivates the Vault Dweller Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, and the Brotherhood of Steel initiate Maximus, whom Aaron Clifton Morten portrays.

The trailer reveals that Lucy had left Vault 33 to pursue what she thinks is their mission - to help rebuild civilization after the catastrophic nuclear attack on the United States.

We can’t help but notice the nod to Fallout 76, the prequel to the entire Fallout game anthology, in which the Wastelanders pursue that exact mission 25 years after the Great War.

Maximus's motivation is simple and befits one who joins the Brotherhood of Steel - he wants to hurt those who hurt him. He’s probably talking about the Raiders, Gunners, or the Enclave.

Walton Goggins’ The Ghoul remains enigmatic, but we see him reminiscing the day the bombs fell. He is also seen in his human form attempting to evacuate with his daughter.

mister handy fallout live action
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Credit: Prime Video

The trailer also gives us images that should be familiar to Fallout players - the people of Vault 33 and their work underground to survive, and a Mister Handy who talks to Lucy and attempts to harvest her organs.

The latter is probably a reference to a quest in Fallout 4 where Nick and the Sole Survivor corner the facial reconstruction surgeon Doc Crocker, who had killed a patient after a botched surgery. Imagine if Bethesda also drops the Fallout 4 next-gen update at roughly the same time…

What can we say? The new trailer has got us hyped up for next month’s premiere!

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