The Grendel is a short, compact SMG that seems like a mix between a P90 and AUG. It shoots 7.77mm bullets without cases and has a magazine with 50 bullets. Combatech makes it, and they call it a lightweight personal defense weapon, or PDW. It shoots fast and works well in the middle-distance fight. This is good in places with lots of stuff, where it's easier to aim at enemies behind cover.

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  • Weapon Value2111
  • Ammo Type7.77mm Caseless
  • Accuracy0.662
  • TypeRifle
  • Magazine Capacity50
  • Physical17
  • Range26
  • Weapon Mass2.65
  • Capacity50
  • Mods8

How to get Grendel in Starfield?

For the Grendel location, you can find the weapon in the Deadrock Mining Outpost on the planet New Atlantis as a reward for completing the Abyssal Terror quest. The quest is available after you reach the New Atlantis planet and speak to Darvin, the owner of the Darvin's Supply store.

Best mods for the Grendel

  • Overcharged Capacitor: This mod increases the Grendel's damage output, making it even more powerful.
  • Extended Magazine: This mod increases the magazine size of the Grendel, so you can fire for longer without reloading.

Best background for the Grendel

The best background for the Grendel in Starfield depends on your playstyle and the mods you want to use. However, some backgrounds that are well-suited for the Grendel include:

  • Technician
  • Scoundrel

Best Build Type for the Grendel

  • Saboteur: This build focuses on using the Grendel's energy damage to debuff enemies
  • Gunslinger: This build focuses on using the Grendel's high accuracy to take down enemies from long range

Where do I find parts for the Grendel?

You can find parts for the Grendel by scavenging on planets and in space stations and by buying parts for the Grendel from merchants on planets and in space stations.

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