Heller's Cutter

The Heller's Cutter is a Heavy Weapon in Starfield with physical damage of 4 and 76 fire rate. It is manufactured by B.R.A.C.E with a credit value of 712 and a mass of 4.

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Heller's Cutter
  • Capacity
  • Mods
  • Weapon Value12
  • Fire Rate76
  • Range3
  • Physical4
  • Accuracy76.7
  • Weapon Mass4
  • ManufacturerB.R.A.C.E
  • TypeHeavy Weapon
  • Ammo TypeCutter
  • Magazine Capacity

How to get Heller's Cutter?

The basic and enhanced version of the Heller's Cutter can be randomly found in various containers, acquired as loot from defeated enemies, or found within several NPC inventories.

Best mods for Heller's Cutter

There's no specific mods for Heller's Cutter.

Best background for Heller's Cutter

The best background for Heller's Cutter is Ronin and Chef as these backgrounds have scavenging skills. They can find extra item by using this mining tools.

Best Heller's Cutter for Pirate Build

Heller's Cutter is best for Pirate as this build has scavenging skills, which means they effectively use tools to loot items.

Where do I find parts for Heller's Cutter?

You can Heller's Cut in Back to Vectera main quest.

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