The Razorback is a revolver in Starfield that fires 7.77mm caseless rounds. It is a powerful weapon that is well-suited for both short-range and long-range combat. It is a good choice for both close-quarters and long-range combat, and it can be customized to meet the needs of any player.

Last Updated 12 Aug 2023 at 00:50 am GMT
Starfield Portal Placeholder Image Razorback
  • Physical 109
  • Type Pistol
  • Value 7808
  • Accuracy 0.752
  • Ammo 7.5mm
  • Range 52
  • Capacity 6
  • Mods 8
  • Mass 3.25

How to get the Razorback

The location of this weapon is currently unknown in Starfield.

Best mods for the Razorback

  • Extended Magazine: This mod increases the magazine size of the Razorback, so you can fire for longer without reloading

Best background for the Razorback

The best background for the Razorback in Starfield depends on your playstyle and the mods you want to use. However, some backgrounds that are well-suited for the Razorback include:

  • Gangster
  • Technician

Best Build Type for the Razorback

  • Gunslinger: This build focuses on using the Razorback's high accuracy to take down enemies from long range

Where do I find parts for the Razorback

As of now there are no known locations to find this weapon parts in Starfield.

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