Starfield UC Wants You Walkthrough

starfield uc wants you uc vanguard gagarin office

starfield uc wants you uc vanguard gagarin office

If you've ever wanted the glorious role of military recruiter, here's your chance with the quest UC Wants You.

How to Unlock UC Wants You

You can unlock the quest UC Wants You by talking to Zunaida at the United Colonies office on Gagarin. It's right on top of the Terrabrew, facing the statue in the main plaza. You can also speak to a guard and get the activity to talk to Zunaida.

starfield uc wants you location above terrabrew on gagarin
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UC Wants You Walkthrough

Speak to Zunaida at the Gagarin Recruitment Office

Go to Zunaida and ask her if she has any work available. She'll ask you to deliver some posters and promises a bonus if you can convince all three people to put them up—time to put on your persuasion pants.

starfield uc wants you speak to zinaida
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Some tips for Persuasion

  • The persuasion checks are all relatively simple, and you'll succeed with some common sense points.
  • Take a Hippolyta to boost your odds of success.
  • Put on a corporate suit from Ryujin Industries to increase your chances.
  • The Manipulation skill is highly potent. You can get it through the Ryujin Industry questline.
  • You can use the Negotiation skill to pay your way to victory.
  • Be sure to use any saved Auto Persuades if needed.

Deliver Materials to Lizzy Ajello at Lizzy's Bar

Your first target is Lizzy Ajello at Lizzy's Bar, and she'll immediately take the posters and suggest she will burn them. You'll have to persuade her to comply. You'll have a much easier time if you help her with the quest Sure Bet, as it gives you a +5 dialogue option.

starfield uc wants you persuade lizzy
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Deliver Materials to Dr. Pauline Keala

Next, we have Dr. Pauline Keala, who is hesitant about putting up military posters due to her humanitarian nature. You can appeal to the fact that there is no ongoing war, and people need the support to get her approval.

starfield uc wants you persuade the doctor
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Deliver Materials to Chief Dalitso Pretorious at UC Security

Last, we have Chief Dalitso Pretorious(A mouthful of a name), who won't trouble you because she's friends with Zinaida.

starfield uc wants you chief pretorius
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Return to Zinaida

Return to Zinaida and report your success in convincing everyone. She'll be happy and offer you an increased reward for your successful performance.

starfield uc wants you return to zinaida
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UC Wants You Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - Leveled Amount
starfield uc wants you rewards
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That concludes the UC Wants You quest in Starfield. You should also try out the 2-part quest on Gagarin for Reliant Medical in the quest Missed Connections.

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