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Missed Connections is a quest to track down a courier on Gagarin that leads to a much shadier deal in the background.

How to Unlock Missed Connections

You have to travel to the planet Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri Star System and make your way forward from the landing pad. You'll see the Reliant Medical building. Head inside and seek out Helena Strickland on the second floor of the building. She'll mistake you for a courier, and this will let you kick off the quest Missed Connections.

starfield missed connections reliant medical
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Missed Connections Walkthrough

Follow Helena

Follow Helena up the stairs, where she will explain that her courier has gone missing and give you his courier ID to track him down. He was carrying a package with sensitive data, and you must return with the package.

starfield missed connections speak to helena
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Search for the Courier Along His Route

There are four delivery points along the courier's route. You can start going through them individually, but the Courier will be located at the farthest one.

starfield missed connections check in terminal
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To reach the last spot, you need to go down a flight of stairs behind the statue in the middle of the plaza.

starfield missed connections stairs leading to courier
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Once you open the door below, you will be greeted by the gruesome sight of the courier lying in a pool of blood.

starfield missed connections courier corpse
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Search the Courier's Body for the Package

You can check the courier's body for the package, but all you will find is an empty package with the contents removed. Grab this and make your way back to Helena.

starfield missed connections take empty package from corpse
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Report to Helena

Report what you find to Helena, who will be surprised at the courier's death. She will be concerned about the data and insinuate that one of her employees might be responsible for the theft. She had a tracking chip installed on his ship and wants you to use it to track him down and figure out what happened in the next quest, Missed the Mark.

starfield missed connections report to helena
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Missed Connections Quest Rewards

  • XP - 50
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Unlocks Missed the Mark

That concludes our guide for the quest Missed Connections on Gagarin. Next, we have the quest Missed the Mark, where you must track down the data.

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