Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - The Key Ingredient

starfield the key ingredient computer in center of base

starfield the key ingredient computer in center of base

The Starfield Ryujin Industries questline will now take you on a quest to track down a shipment of Rhothicite to complete the latest neural upgrade from Ryujin Industries. It's time to uncover the truth of Infinity Ltd's wrongdoings in the quest 'The Key Ingredient'.

Starfield The Key Ingredient Walkthrough

Talk to Masako

Head into the Ryujin HQ Elevator to the Research and Development department. Masako will brief you on her plan to deal with Infinity Ltd.

starfield the key ingredient talk to masako
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Meet Veena Kalra

Talk to the head of the department, Veena Kalra. She'll mention the need for Rothicite and a shipment that has been delayed.

starfield talk to veena karla
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If you did Nyx a favour in the previous mission, Background Checks, Camden will not attend the meeting.

Travel to Carinae III-A

Travel to Carinae III-A in the Eta Cassiopeia Star System. Land at the CM Station RC-1.

starfield the key ingredient travel to cm station rc-1 carinaes
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Enter the CM Station RC-1 Mine

Once you reach the mine, you'll find that all the workers are missing, and Ecliptic Mercenaries are crawling all over the place. A handful of enemies are blocking the entrance to the CM Station RC-1 Mine. Take them out.

starfield the key ingredient ecliptic mercenary
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Discover What Happened at CM Station RC-1 (Optional)

Making your way through the CM Station RC-1 Mine is challenging as it's sprawling with high-level Ecliptic Mercenaries and explosives littered everywhere. The path is also quite narrow and dark, making navigating and finding cover hard.

starfield the key ingredient ecliptic mercenary specialist elite
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Once you reach the end, you'll run into an Elite Ecliptic Mercenary. Once you defeat him, you can pick up some secret orders from his body.

Find the Rothicite Shipment

You can interact with the computer in the room to see what happened to the various Rothicite shipments. The only one dispatched was one headed for The Clinic.

Read the Contract

Read the orders you found on the Elite Ecliptic Mercenary, and you'll find out that Infinity Ltd. was responsible for the slaughter at CM Station RC-1.

starfield the key ingredient ecliptic mercenary specialist elite contract orders
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Travel to the Clinic

Make your way to the satellite known as the Clinic in the Narion Star System.

starfield the key ingredient the clinic
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Enter the Secure Wing

You'll need to gain access to the Secure Wing. A Freestar Guard is blocking your access. You can deal with him in the following ways:

  • Use the Medicine skill dialogue option to be let through.
  • Use Persuasion for a 6-bar check.
  • Bribe him with 2500 Credits.
  • Pickpocket the keycard using Theft.
  • Lie
  • Talk to Ari Miller, the receptionist, and pretend that Dr Oslan needs you.
starfield the key ingredient the clinic freestar guard
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Retrieve the Rothicite Shipment

Once inside, you can talk to Sean and Dr. Lane, who will be arguing. You need to gain access to their computer or have them tell you what's going on. Here's what you can do.

starfield the key ingredient the clinic doctor dialogue
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Once you've dealt with them, you can access the files on Dr. Lane's computer and pick up the Rothicite Shipment lying on the desk.

Give Rothicide to Veena at Ryujin Tower

Head back to Ryujin Tower in Neon City. Go back to the R&D department and hand over the Rothicite to Veena.

starfield the key ingredient talk to veena again to give rothicite shipment
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Talk to Masako

Now, talk to Masako to finish up The Key Ingredient quest. She'll ask you for a full rundown of everything you've discovered in your investigation during the Key Ingredient quest.

starfield the key ingredient explain everything to masako
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The Key Ingredient Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 4800
starfield the key ingredient rewards
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That concludes our walkthrough for the Ryujin Industries quest, The Key Ingredient. Next up, you'll have the quest Sabotage or an errand for Benjamin Bayu, depending on your choice in Guilty Parties.

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