Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Background Checks Walkthrough

starfield background checks ryujin industry security

starfield background checks ryujin industry security

Background Checks is one of the most difficult missions in the Ryujin Industries questline due to the stealth section. You'll have to infiltrate the Ryujin Industries tower and remain undetected as you make your way to Ularu Chen's office. Let's go over everything you need to do in this Background Checks walkthrough.

Starfield Background Checks Walkthrough

Talk to Dalton Fiennes

Talk to Dalton Fiennes in his office about the security breach. He'll tell you the plan regarding protocol Theta and the job you need to perform. Your job is infiltrating the Ryujin Tower and uploading a code to Ularu Chen's computer.

starfield background checks talk to dalton
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Dalton wants you to perform this mission without getting detected and without any casualties. He'll hand you the Arboron Novablast Disruptor, which can be used to knock out enemies. He'll also advise you to leave any companion behind so they don't hinder the operation.

Meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place

To get the piece of code, you need to meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place in the Ebbside of Neon City. Nyx will name a price for his code, and you can do one of these three things:

  • Pay 2500 Credits.
  • Use Persuasion and pay 1000 Credits.
  • Accept his request to upload the file to Camden Cho's computer.
starfield background checks talk to nyx
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Find a Way Into Ryujin Tower

You can enter Ryujin Tower from a backdoor by manipulating a nearby crane. Press the button to create a bridge that lets you access the backdoor of Ryujin Tower. From here onwards, you're trespassing and need to keep a low profile.

starfield background checks button to access ryujin tower
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How to Sneak Through Ryujin Tower

Sneaking through Ryujin Tower is no easy feat, and you must level your Stealth skills to pull this off effortlessly. Any clumsy actions will get you caught. Here are the skills we recommend for this quest:

starfield background checks ryujin tower vent on ceiling
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You'll need to follow the various quest markers to doors and vents and make your way through the tower undetected. You can use Persuasion to prevent a firefight from breaking out the first time you get detected. You should also use the Novablast Disruptor to knock out any lone guards blocking your path.

starfield background checks ryujin tower quest marker vent
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Even if you fail to be completely stealthy, as long as you complete the mission, there won't be any serious repercussions besides a pay cut.

Run Nyx's Program on Ularu's Computer

Once you reach Ularu's office, you must open her computer and run the program to download the files.

starfield background checks ularu files
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Exit Ryujin Tower

There's a vent in the ceiling of Ularu's office. You can use this to exit Ryujin Tower via the rooftop. You can take the elevator down to the bottom or jump off in style and land safely with your boost pack.

starfield background checks escape ryujin tower
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Meet Nyx at His Apartment

Make your way to Nyx's apartment by following the quest marker to the other side of Neon City. Head inside and hand him the files.

starfield background checks talk to nyx at his apartment
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Wait for Nyx

Wait for Nyx to finish decrypting the information. He'll tell you that it spells bad news for Imogene.

starfield background checks information from nyx
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Return to Dalton at Ryujin Tower

Return to Dalton at Ryujin Tower in his office and hand him the decrypted information. He'll go through it on his terminal and conclude that Imogene is the prime suspect.

starfield background checks dalton finding problems in files
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Talk to Dalton

Dalton will ask you to bring Imogene to his office. This will conclude the Background Checks quest.

starfield background checks dalton accusing imogene
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Background Checks Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the Background Checks quest:

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 9000
  • Reconstim x1
starfield background checks rewards
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This concludes our guide for the Ryujin Industries quest, Background Checks. Next up, we try to confront Imogene in Guilty Parties.

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