The Robotics skill is an Expert Tech Skill that improves your ability to build, repair, and modify robots. In an age where robots and autonomous turrets are employed in a combat capacity, the study of robotics can be instrumental in gaining a tactical edge.

Last Updated 06 Aug 2023 at 11:18 am GMT
Starfield Robotics skills Image
  • Type tech
  • Tier expert

What does Robotics do?

  • It improves your ability to build, repair, and modify robots.

What are the ranks for Robotics skill?

  • You deal 10% more damage to Robots and Turrets

Are there challenges to complete for this skill?

  • There are no challenges at this time.

What build does Robotics work best with?

  • Technologist build: A technologist build focuses on using technology to their advantage. They are often skilled in engineering, computers, and science. This makes them well-suited for using Robotics, which is a complex piece of technology.
  • Combat build: A combat build focuses on fighting with weapons and technology. They are often skilled in using weapons and robots to take down enemies. Robotics can be used to create powerful robots that can be used to fight alongside you or to distract enemies.
  • Exploration build: An exploration build focuses on exploring the game world and finding hidden treasures. Robotics can be used to create robots that can help you explore dangerous areas or that can carry your equipment for you

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