Starfield Side Quest - Superfan

starfield borealus astral lounge setup top down superfan quest marker

starfield borealus astral lounge setup top down superfan quest marker

Neon is full of all sorts of people from different strata in life. One person you can meet in the most elite lounge in Neon City is the icon BorealUS. She's a hit sensation known for making the trippy music that defines the mood of the lounge. Someone has stolen her latest work, and she needs it back. Track down the thief in the quest, Superfan.

How to unlock Superfan?

You unlock the Superfan quest by speaking with BorealUS. You can find her by heading to the Astral Lounge in Neon City. Head inside and head up the elevator. Head right and turn to the right down the hallway. You'll find her and her DJ setup right on top of the Astral Lounge dance floor. Speak with her to start the quest.

Superfan Walkthrough

Speak with BorealUS

After speaking with BorealUS, you can enquire about something worrying her. She'll ask you to help retrieve a slate with her latest work. She suggests you ask Myka, who knows about everything in Neon City.

starfield superfan borealus dialogue
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Speak to Myka

Head to Euphorika, located at the Ebbside. Head inside and speak to Myka. You can pay her 1500 Credits for the information or use the Neon Street Rat trait to get the information for free.

starfield superfan myka
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Speak with Stratos

Your thief is a superfan of BorealUS named Stratos. He'll be lounging around at Madame Sauvage's place on the other half of the Ebbside. He's not a violent person, but he's also a junkie and unwilling to part with the Slate due to how much he loves BorealUS.

Get the Slate from Stratos

You have a couple methods of getting the Slate back from Stratos:

  • Use the Theft skill to pickpocket it discretely.
  • Use the Persuasion skill to have him comply peacefully. It's a fairly tricky persuasion check.
  • Use the Negotiation skill to pay him for the Slate during the Persuasion check.
  • Kill Stratos and take the Slate. This will get the job done but will get you a bounty. You can try stealth-killing him and then paying off the bounty.
  • Trade the Slate for a dose of Aurora(Contraband)

Just so you know, the last method will require you to complete Yannick Legrande's questline to unlock the Aurora recipe in the quest Supply Run. You can start this questline with Loose Ends.

starfield superfan stratos aurora dialogue
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Crafting Aurora will require a bunch of materials:

Return the Slate to BorealUS

After getting the Slate back from Stratos, head back to BorealUS to return the Slate and complete the quest for your rewards.

starfield superfan borealus rewards
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Superfan Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 100
  • Credits - 5300 Credits(Level Dependant)

That concludes our guide for the Superfan quest in Starfield. If you're looking for more odd work in Neon, stop by the Ebbside Strikers next.

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