Starfield Side Quest - Loose Ends

starfield loose ends legrande's liquors

starfield loose ends legrande's liquors

If you've ever wanted to get into the business of manufacturing drugs, then Starfield has a quest for you. Learn how a simple delivery mission helps you create one of the most profitable Aurora businesses in Neon City. We start with the Side Quest Loose Ends.

How to Unlock Loose Ends

The first time you arrive in Neon City, either during the main quest, All That Money Can Buy, or during Shadows in Neon, you'll see a man arrested in front of the entrance gate scanners to the city. He'll be sent to prison, where you can meet him. You can talk to him on your own or happen upon him once you're arrested.

starfield loose ends nashar in jail
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Starfield Loose Ends Walkthrough

Speak to Neshar in Jail

Head to the Security Prison in Neon City. Speak to Neshar, who is stuck in his jail cell. He'll ask you to deliver a package to Yannick on his behalf and tell you the passcode for his Sleepcrate where it's lying.

starfield loose ends neshar dialogue
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Talk to the SleepCrate Manager

Head to The Ebbside and speak to the SleepCrate Manager. She'll ask you for the passcode; you can reply with the one you got from Neshar. You can also play some SleepCrate loot box here and get your hands on Contraband.

starfield loose ends sleepcrate manager dialogue
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Find Package in SleepCrate C-153

Head to the marked SleepCrate C-153 and pick up Neshar's Package from the storage crate inside.

starfield loose ends neshar's package inside crate
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Speak to Yannick Legrande

Head to Legrande's Liquors out on the main street of Neon City on Bayu Plaza. Head inside and talk to Yanick about Neshar's delivery. He'll pay you for the delivery, and you can Negotiate for more Credits.

starfield loose ends speak to yannick
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He'll see you're quite capable and propose you become his new helping hand for his drug business. But first, he needs you to remove his previous aide, Felix Sadler.

Find Felix Sadler

Felix Sadler has been kidnapped by the Seokguh Syndicate and held hostage. Yannick has no plans to save him, so you'll have to enter their warehouse to get to him.

Eliminate Seokguh Syndicate Thugs

There will be three Seokguh Syndicate thugs inside, and you can kill them quite easily. Deal with them and head upstairs to talk to Felix.

starfield loose ends seokguh syndicate
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Deal with Felix

At first, Felix is quite excited to see you. However, his mood sours once you tell him that Yannick wants him out of the picture. You can choose to attack him or let him go with a warning.

starfield loose ends speak to felix
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Speak to Yannick Legrande

Return to Yannick at Legrande's Liquors and give him the progress report. Now, he'll tell you about his latest scheme, which involves sneaking you into Xenofresh's Aurora manufacturing plant in the quest Fishy Business.

starfield loose ends speak to yannick about felix
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Loose Ends Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 50
  • Credits - 3000 Credits + Levelled Amount of Credits
starfield loose ends quest rewards
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This concludes our walkthrough for the quest, Loose Ends. Next up, we have some Fishy Business to deal with.

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