Starfield Side Quest - Supply Run

starfield xenofresh industries dead chasmbass hanging from ceiling

starfield xenofresh industries dead chasmbass hanging from ceiling

Now that you've dealt with the authorities of the Neon City underworld, AKA Administrator Bayu, you and Yannick are free to continue your Blend production business. It's time for your first proper Aurora smuggling job at Xenofresh Industries in the quest Supply Run.

Supply Run Walkthrough

Speak to Yannick Legrande

Head to Legrande's Liquors at Bayu Plaza in Neon City. Speak to Yannick Legrande, and he'll discuss your recent run-in with Administrator Bayu. He'll ask you to participate in your first proper supply run now. Note that your companions will dislike the fact that you pick up this quest.

starfield supply run speak to yannick
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Head to Xenofresh Industries

Head to the Underbelly of Neon City and make your way to the restricted Xenofresh Industries area.

Put on the Xenofresh Clean Suit

Make sure to wear the Xenofresh Clean Suit, as you can develop an addiction otherwise.

Start Your Shift

Hit the switch on the production machine to start your shift. Producing Aurora has three parts:

  1. Grab Materials from the Ingredient Hopper.
  2. Produce Raw Aurora at Pharmaceutical Lab.
  3. Deposit Materials at the Assembly Hopper.
  4. Repeat this thrice for a full shift.
starfield supply run start shift button
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Time is of the essence, as you'll only have a minute to produce each batch for 900 Credits each. If you take longer than a minute or mess up, she'll dock your pay. If you take over 90 seconds, she'll have you start over again.

Get Ingredients from the Ingredient Hopper

The Ingredient hopper will give you a whole bunch of materials, including excess ones, but the ones you need are:

  • Chasmbass Oil
  • Hallucinogen x2
  • Stimulant
  • Benzene
starfield supply run ingredients
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Ensure you grab only the specific materials you need from the Ingredient Hopper. Otherwise, you get a pay cut from 900 Credits to 400 Credits, regardless of how quick you've been.

Craft Aurora at the Pharmaceutical Lab

There is a Pharmaceutical Lab to the left of the Ingredient Hopper belt. Interact with it and produce one batch of Aurora.

starfield supply run aurora production recipe
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Deposit Aurora at the Assembly Hopper

You can use the transfer window at the Assembly Hopper on the other side of the room to deposit your produced Aurora quickly.

starfield supply run deposit materials into hopper
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Finish Your Shift at Xenofresh

Repeat this whole process three times to finish your shift.

Find Neshar's Contact in the Break Room

Speak to Robie Hennigar inside the break room after your shift, and she'll tell you about the latest drop location for the smuggled Aurora.

Retrieve the Stash

Head outside and retrieve the smuggled Aurora package. The location for this drop will be randomized. In some cases, you can run into Disciple territory and have to fight them off if you did the Ebbside Strikers quest, so be vigilant.

starfield supply run robbie's secret cache
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Deliver the Aurora to Yannick

Now, you can return to Legrande's Liquors and deliver the Aurora to Yannick to finish the quest Supply Run. He'll give you your cut of the profit. You can now choose to do a supply run whenever you want.

starfield supply deliver supplies to yannick
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Supply Run Quest Rewards

EXP - 100
Credits - 2500 Credits(Depends on Level)
・ Aurora Recipe

This concludes Yannick's questline and the option to perform more supply runs will be available as a permanent activity. You can also produce the Contraband Aurora now to make some quick profit. If you want to do another bigger quest in Neon City, we might have what you need.

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