Starfield Ebbside Strikers Quest - The Audition

starfield ebbside strikers joining dialogue

starfield ebbside strikers joining dialogue

Starfield is full of a whole bunch of major factions, each with its own unique storylines that culminate in grand stories that change the landscape of the Settled Systems. However, you can join several minor factions to make smaller but meaningful changes in local systems and planets. One such faction is the Ebbside Strikers, who you can join in the quest The Audition.

How to Unlock The Audition?

While wandering the streets of Neon City, you might hear some people talk about the Ebbside Strikers or the Disciples. This will give you an activity to "Meet the Ebbside Strikers." The Disciples have become a threat, and the Ebbsides Strikers are the only ones who can hold them at bay.

The Audition Walkthrough

Meet the Ebbside Strikers

Go to Neon City in the Volii Star System and head to the Ebbside. Go to Madame Sauvage's Place and meet the Ebbside Striker Andrea next to Madame Sauvage at the counter. Speak to her and arrange a meeting with their boss, Briggs.

starfield the audition meet the ebbside strikers
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Meet Briggs

Head upstairs and meet Briggs at the top floor. He'll be surprised at seeing a new recruit and ask if you have what it takes to join them. You'll be giving an audition and stealing a slate with information on weapon suppliers from the Disciples' warehouse.

starfield the audition meet briggs join the ebbside strikers
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Head to the Warehouse

Head to the other side of the Ebbside and equip your best stealth gear and chems to get this done without bloodshed.

starfield the audition go to warehouse 02
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Steal the Slate

Walk inside and head down the stairs while ignoring the Disciple in front of you. Stick to the left and slowly make your way to the box with the Slate inside. This should be easy if you have one or two levels in the Stealth Skill.

starfield the audition go to warehouse 02 and steal the slate inside box
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Return to Briggs

With the Slate in hand, and hopefully nobody killed, you can return to Briggs and report a job well done. He'll formally accept you as a member of the Ebbside Strikers and let you know about the next assignment. They're preparing an assault against the Disciples and need to get the word out.

starfield the audition return to briggs
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The Audition Quest Rewards

  • XP - 50
  • Credits - 8400 (Leveled Amount)
  • Striker Maskwear
  • Ebbside Strikers Quest - Display of Power
starfield the audition rewards briggs on desk
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Next, we have the quest, Display of Power, where you must pour some fuel on the flames for the upcoming gang war.

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