Starfield’s Star Wars Mods Are So Popular It Now Has Its Own Subreddit

boba fett and the mandalorian are standing next to each other in the desert .
Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars

boba fett and the mandalorian are standing next to each other in the desert .
Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars

Since the release of the Creation Club on Starfield, Xbox users have now experienced what modding and customizing the game feels like.

Since the recent updates, modders have uploaded nearly 1,000 mods, ranging from quality-of-life improvements to DLC-sized mods. Of course, while Starfield offers a great space exploration experience, the ever-popular Star Wars brand is also beloved by the community so much that modders have started to create mods around the media franchise.

There have been so many great mods that the community created their very own Star Wars Starfield subreddit.

Now known as r/starfieldstarwars, the new community has a rapidly growing membership of 1,000 (as of writing), with the very first post created just yesterday, June 18. This just goes to show how popular Star Wars is and how many Starfield players have always wanted Star Wars icons and figures to be in Starfield.

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From Mandalorian mods to Stormtrooper costumes, the Galactic Empire has come to the Settled Systems. One video clip uploaded to the subreddit features Darth Vader and Trooper escorting as he walks menacingly in The Lodge.

We’ve collected the best Star Wars mods for Starfield in Xbox, so Star Wars fans will not have to look far when modding Starfield into the Star Wars game they have always wanted.

a at at robot is standing in the snow in front of a building .
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Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars

Bethesda did a fantastic job of providing a unique space exploration experience to Starfield, but there is room for improvement. Creations Club allows modders to improve, customize, and tweak the game as they want, making Starfield more playable than ever.

Todd Howard confirmed in a recent interview that this is part of multiple upcoming updates, with Starfield’s Year 2 already in the works. An annual story expansion is also being worked on for Starfield. Players can expect more official features as Bethesda slowly rolls out these updates for Starfield.

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